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Social Security Benefits: What is Available?

Social Security is one of the most important government services in existence. The range of benefits available from the Social Security Administration have helped millions of people pay their bills and make ends meet in their times of greatest need. We usually think of SSI as something we get when we retire, but the truth [...]

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What to Do If You’re Denied Social Security Disability

Many people across the nation rely on Social Security payments to make ends meet and keep (or regain) control of their lives after a debilitating accident. When you’re hurt and you can’t work, while medical bills keep piling up, it’s beyond stressful. It’s terrifying. It gets even worse when you apply for Social Security benefits [...]

Are Stroke Victims Eligible for Social Security Disability?

A stroke is one of the most devastating medical incidents that a person can suffer, reducing everyday life functions and impacting the quality of life. If you’ve suffered a stroke, then you might find yourself unable to work and struggling to pay your medical bills and searching for a way to support your family. In [...]

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Will Parkinson’s Disease Qualify For Disability Benefits?

Since Parkinson’s Disease, also known as PD or Parkinsonian Syndrome, is a motor system disorder, it mainly affects a person’s movement. The most well-known symptoms of PD are tremors, but there are lesser-known symptoms that are associated with the disorder as well: impaired coordination, stiffness, changes in speech, and dementia in later stages. It is [...]

Is There a Waiting Period for Social Security Disability?

If you're interested in receiving social security disability benefits, you will need to file a claim with the Social Security Administration. Once they have reviewed your case, they will determine your eligibility. If you get approved, you will be entered into the system to start receiving benefits. The entire process can be time consuming to [...]

Why You Should Have a Lawyer at Your Disability Hearing

Why You Should Have a Lawyer at Your Disability Hearing After a long, extensive application process, it is possible that you will still be denied your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. If this has happened to you, then your next step in attempting to get your benefits will be a disability hearing where you [...]

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Will My Pension Reduce My Social Security Benefits?

Retirement planning is becoming more important as the economy shifts and more people are exiting the workforce. Social security benefits and pensions are the main source of retirement income for millions of Americans. The government allows you to receive these benefits simultaneously. It is important for you to understand the rules and regulations of your [...]

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5 Easy Tips For Veterans Applying for Disability Benefits

Applying for disability benefits as a veteran is often much more difficult than it should be. After all, you have put in your years of service and have walked away with a considerable toll on your body as a result. You therefore deserve the most disability benefits possible. The problem is that actually receiving disability [...]

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What to Watch Out for When Filing for Disability

When you suffer a disabling injury or illness that leaves you unable to work, you may need to turn to Social Security to help make ends meet. There are several ways you can apply for SSI, but unfortunately, there are also many missteps and mistakes to avoid. Many people find that their initial application is denied for some [...]

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Social Security: How to Appeal Denied Claims

Social Security is supposed to be a safety net, more than just for retirees, but for those people who suffer injuries and illnesses that leave them disabled and unable to work. For many, however, the quest to receive these benefits turns into a struggle. What do you do if you are unable to hold down gainful employment, but [...]

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