Employment Discrimination Lawyer Chicago, IL Overview

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Chicago, IL

Discrimination in the workplace is not uncommon. No matter who you are, what you look like, or what you believe, you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. If you believe you or a coworker is being discriminated against in your place of work, you need to contact an employment discrimination lawyer in Chicago, Illinois from Disparti Law Group as soon as possible to make sure evidence is collected and justice is served. 

Compensation for Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace

One form of compensation you can file for would be emotional damages from experiencing discrimination in the workplace. This can be very dramatic, especially if the discrimination was blatant and public. You may have a case against your employer or individual employees if you feel that you have anxiety from the experience. Your employment discrimination lawyer will know whether or not the presiding judge may consider granting these damages.

Another form of compensation you may be entitled to after experiencing employment discrimination is wage recovery. If you lost your job because of being discriminated against, you may be entitled to seek damages for this. This would include all of the wages that you would have made for the work you missed.

Why You Should Strongly Consider Filing a Case

By filing a case, you are protecting others from having to go through what you have been through. You may be able to change your company‘s policies to be more inclusive and caring, and by showing others what happens when they act badly, you may prevent other employees from engaging in this type of behavior. It can be difficult revisiting this hard time in your life, but more often than not it is entirely worth it.

Do Not Worry About Retaliation

Retaliation in the workplace is illegal. You should not let the fear of workplace retaliation keep you from filing an employment discrimination case. Your employment discrimination lawyer will be there with you every step of the way to make sure this does not happen to you while your case is going on. Even if you feel like something seems strange after your case is closed, you can revisit it with your lawyer to make sure you feel safe and comfortable at your place of work. 

Contact a Lawyer from Disparti Law Group Today

Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer if you believe you are facing workplace discrimination. Not only will your lawyer be able to help determine if what you are experiencing is, in fact, discrimination, but he or she will also help you begin recording incidents that you will need to offer as proof if your case goes to court. It can sometimes be difficult to prove that you are facing discriminatiuon, but the more documented proof you have, the easier it will be to have concrete evidence to offer in court. Even if you do not have this, however, your lawyer may have suggestions on how to go about your case. Reach out to us today to get started.