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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Chicago, IL


Medical Malpractice Lawyer Chicago, IL

If you or someone you care about has been injured by a medical professional, you need to seek help from a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, like one from Disparti Law Group, right away. Do not wait to determine whether or not the health problems you incurred will be serious or life changing. You need to protect yourself by enlisting the help of a lawyer as soon as possible. Your medical malpractice lawyer will know how to begin moving forward and how to collect evidence so that it does not go away. It can sometimes be difficult to prove that malpractice occurred, which is why it is so important to have someone on your side who knows what to look for and how to prove negligence in a case. Your lawyer will also know how to calculate damages and what a judge will find fair in a case. 

Reaching Out to a Lawyer in a Timely Fashion Is Crucial

There is a statute of limitations that exists for any personal injury case, so it is important to make sure that you file yours before the statute of limitations in your state is up. By enlisting the assistance of a lawyer, you are securing someone who will make sure you do not miss important deadlines and who will know how to file everything in a timely fashion so that you are not rushing at the end. Your lawyer will also understand how important it is to act quickly in collecting evidence. This could involve sending a team of investigators to the hospital or office where the malpractice occurred, looking over your medical records in great detail, and hiring someone who will understand your medical records to look over them as well. 

Proving Negligence in Your Case

The most important thing in your case will be proving that negligence occurred and that another competent doctor would not have proceeded the same way as yours did. An expert witness could be an important person to help in your case, or having a nurse or other medical professional who actually witnessed the malpractice on your side can be important. Your medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, IL from Disparti Law group will know how to do this and what the judge in your case may look for. 

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Compensation to Seek in Your Case

You need a lawyer on your side who has your best interest at heart and will seek compensation for everything you deserve. This will definitely include all of the medical costs. In medical malpractice cases, patients typically need further medical attention even after whatever procedure they initially got. Not only is this expensive, but it is also traumatic and taxing on a person’s body. You will likely want to use a whole new set of medical professionals when getting treatment, and you deserve to get the best medical care possible without having to pay for it yourself. Whoever was the negligent party needs to be held responsible. 

You will also likely want to file for compensation for pain and suffering, as this event was particularly traumatic. Judges do not always grant this, but it is more likely in a medical malpractice case since people feel duped when their medical professional jeopardizes their health, rather than helping to improve it. The pain and suffering damages can make up for some of this and allow for you to get expensive therapy, if needed. 

Finally, you need to be compensated for any lost wages due to missed work. If you had not been involved in an accident while at the doctor, you would not be injured or away from work for any amount of time. In bad medical malpractice cases, a person sometimes is unable to ever go back to work. He or she needs to be compensated for that and paid the amount that they were expecting to earn the rest of their lives. Essentially, anything that you have or would have had if you were not involved in an accident should be given to you by the at-fault party. 

Medical Malpractice Seek Justice to Protect Others

It is important to hold medical professionals accountable if someone makes a mistake while you are under his or her care. You are going through enough as it is, but it is crucial to look out for other people and to try to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else. By reaching out to a medical malpractice lawyer to have the best chance at getting compensation and holding the right people accountable for their negligent actions. This will show others to steer clear of anyone who is dangerous as well as hopefully deter the medical professionals from making the same mistake again with someone else. 


While medical malpractice can happen from any procedure or medical practice, some instances are more likely to happen than others. Here are some common instances of medical malpractice:

  • Misdiagnosis: It’s possible for a physician to misdiagnose a patient. It’s also possible to take too long to diagnose a patient thus rendering any treatments or surgeries ineffective. Additionally, a physician may misdiagnose a patient for a more severe condition or for a lesser condition. This can lead to improper treatment such as ineffective operations or medication. 
  • Childbirth Injuries: Childbirth injuries can also be a common cause of medical malpractice and may result from poor prenatal care, failure to recommend/perform an operation such as a c-section, or waiting too long to cut the umbilical cord. 
  • Failure to Treat/Medication Errors: Sometimes as a result of misdiagnosis, a physician may fail to treat certain condition either intentionally or not. Other examples of failure to treat may include not monitoring the patient’s condition, not performing necessary medical tests, and not informing a patient of their medical options. Lastly, providing the wrong medication/wrong doses can be a serious issue. 
  • Defective Medical Equipment: The equipment used to diagnose and treat the patient may also be defective. Sometimes this can result from the doctor’s negligence. Other times it may be the fault of the facility as a whole such as in the case of using old equipment. 


Following medical malpractice, there are a few steps that you or your loved one should take. These steps include:

  • Switch care providers immediately: This should be your first step. Not only should you switch physicians, but it’s recommended to switch facilities altogether. 
  • Obtain a copy of your medical records: You will want a copy of your medical records before your physician or facility has the opportunity to tamper with them. There’s always a chance that they understand they made a mistake or might believe that you’re thinking of filing a medical malpractice claim. 
  • Remain silent about the case: On that note, you will also want to remain silent about the case. While it might be tempting to tell people about your experience, it’s better to remain quiet about the issue at least until you’re consulting with your lawyer. Failure to do so may result in the medical facility/their defense team using anything you’ve said against you. 
  • Continue to receive treatment: Even though you might have had a bad experience, it’s important to keep in mind that medical malpractice is very rare and that receiving treatment should always be a top priority for your health. However, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure to get an excellent referral beforehand. 
  • Keep track of your past/current condition: As part of your evidence, keeping track of your current condition can help build your case as well. You can also keep notes of anything your new physician tells you during visits. 

Contact a Lawyer Today

You may feel overwhelmed by the idea of going to court. This is why it is so important to have a good medical malpractice lawyer on your side so that he or she can take care of the stressful parts of the case while you focus on recovering. Your lawyer takes a great burden off your shoulders and gives you a much better chance of winning your case. Hiring a lawyer also gives the greatest chance of getting maximum compensation in your case because he or she will look at everything from a bird’s eye view to see how this accident will affect you for the rest of your life and file accordingly. Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our experienced medical malpractice lawyers. 

Chicago Medical Malpractice Statistics

According to the American Medical Association, more than 2/3 of medical negligence cases are dismissed, dropped, or withdrawn. Medical malpractice cases are notorious for being difficult to win in court. To prove that a healthcare provider was at fault, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the provider didn’t provide the level of care that other healthcare providers would have in a similar situation. On top of that, the plaintiff must also show that the provider’s actions directly caused them harm. The evidence required in these cases can be highly technical so expert opinions may be necessary to build a convincing argument. Due to the complexity of these cases, they can be expensive and time-consuming. This can pose a significant challenge for individuals seeking justice through the legal system. To see if your situation makes sense to pursue, reach out to our experienced malpractice attorneys today.

Medical Malpractice Law FAQS 

Why do I need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer? 

Medical malpractice cases are often complicated, and they are incredibly difficult to win, as a medical malpractice lawyer based in Chicago, IL can tell you. If you are seeking litigation against a powerful entity such as a hospital, you will need to hire a highly experienced lawyer who has achieved excellent case outcomes for medical malpractice cases. Hospitals and clinics usually have their own skilled legal teams who have prepared strong legal defense strategies. If you hope to have the highest chances of receiving the highest settlement possible, hire an experienced and qualified lawyer to work on your case. 

What qualifies as medical malpractice? 

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, healthcare professional, hospital, or other healthcare facility causes harm to a patient that they owe a duty of care to. Negligence usually plays a role in medical malpractice cases, however not all cases of negligence qualify as medical malpractice. Common causes of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose a condition, surgical errors, prescription errors, and misinterpretation of test results. To prove that you have been a victim of medical malpractice, you need to be able to provide a persuasive body of evidence such as medical records and other losses that you have suffered as a result of your injuries. 

What can a medical malpractice lawyer do for me? 

When you hire a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, IL, they can provide you with a number of legal services. Obtaining a case assessment is one of the first things a lawyer can do for you. They can tell you if you have a valid case and can proceed with the next steps forward to file a claim. A medical malpractice lawyer can give you personalized legal advice throughout the entire case, and work on all relevant legal tasks like gathering evidence and preparing documents. If necessary, they can represent you in court as well. 

What compensation amount can I expect to recover? 

A medical malpractice case usually has a high case value, and if you have a valid case that has a high chance of winning, you are likely to get thousands or even millions of dollars. The amount you can expect to receive varies and is dependent on factors such as the cost of care, type of injuries you sustained, amount of injuries, missed wages, and other losses you have. It is hard to tell exactly what the worth of your case is until later on in the investigation when the lawyer has calculated your damages. 

How do I know I have a good medical malpractice case? 

When you are considering filing a medical malpractice case, you probably want to know if you even have what you need to have a successful case. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Even asking a lawyer with many years of experience working on medical malpractice cases may end up feeling disappointing because they may not av a black and white answer for you. In some instances, you may have a more clear–cut picture of how your case might go. If you were obviously prescribed and given the wrong medication that caused you to become injured or ill, this may be a more obvious case of medical malpractice. Your lawyer will also have access to medical experts who can testify on your behalf and give you a better idea of how the case may go. 

How do I know I have a medical malpractice case vs. just a bad result? 

This is such an important question to ask yourself when you are considering filing a medical malpractice claim. In some instances, it can be very difficult to determine if you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim or if you simply did not get the result you wanted or were expecting. For example, just because your surgery did not help you in the way you wanted does not necessarily mean that medical malpractice occurred. 

Similarly, if there was a bad medical outcome after a surgery or procedure, it is also important to know that this does not automatically mean that happened because of medical malpractice. It is paramount that you are first notified of the potential risks and failures that come with any medical procedure. However, if you were made ill or were injured due to a medical provider’s carelessness or recklessness and an otherwise competent medical provider would not have caused that illness or injury, then you are likely dealing with medical malpractice. 

How do I know what needs to be proven for my case? 

When it comes to medical malpractice, you can almost always count on certain things. You and your lawyer will need to show that:

  1. There is a certain standard of care applied to medical professionals
  2. The medical provider involved in your case breached this standard of care with you
  3. You were injured as a result of this breach in care
  4. There are damages

If you have any questions about what is needed for your case or are unsure about how to proceed, you should not hesitate to reach out to your lawyer. They will be an invaluable resource to you when it comes to relaying information, guiding you through the case, and helping you make the right decisions. Medical malpractice claims can be difficult on the person filing them because they will likely not have the same resources that a hospital does. However, it is imperative that you feel comfortable moving forward with a claim when a hospital or medical provider has caused you to become injured. Do not hesitate any further in reaching out to one of our trusted lawyers today. 

Will my case go to trial? 

A lawyer can tell you that your case will likely not need to go to trial. Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court. A skilled and experienced medical malpractice lawyer will work hard to fight for the settlement that you deserve so that you are compensated for the majority or all of your losses. The few cases that go to trial usually involve parties that are not able to reach a compromise so an agreement is not made. If your lawyer determines that the party is not willing to offer a settlement that you deserve, they will decide to take the case to court. For more information about how a medical malpractice lawyer who serves  Chicago, IL clients will help you, schedule a consultation with the Disparti Law Group now.

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