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Being involved in a bicycle accident is incredibly frightening because of the lack of protection cyclists have in their vehicle. Accidents on bikes typically generate worse injuries than other accidents on the road. You always need to have a skilled bicycle accident lawyer on your team so that you do not get taken advantage of by the other parties involved. Insurance will likely try to give you a settlement that is much smaller than what you actually deserve. Many people just take what they are offered because they do not realize that going to court is another option. An experienced lawyer, like a bicycle accident lawyer in Chicago, Illinois from Disparti Law Group, will be able to evaluate your case to see whether or not it is worth pursuing greater compensation.

What kind of injuries are common in bicycle accidents?

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents often result in very serious injuries. This also means incredibly high medical bills. Some of the most common injuries people see in bicycle accidents include:

-Traumatic brain injuries. Even if a cyclist was wearing a helmet, there could still be a great amount of damage done to a person’s brain. If there was enough force, it could cause permanent damage. This could be a concussion that turns into something more problematic, it may cause swelling in the brain that causes damage, or it could crack the skull, causing severe blood loss. Helmets can only do so much to protect the rider’s head from damage. It is always important to wear one, but it does not mean the cyclist is completely safe. 

-Broken bones. It is easy for a bicyclist to break a bone or multiple bones if they are thrown from their bike. If a car hits a cyclist, it will be unlikely that they walk away unscathed. A car can easily break a person’s bones by hitting them, as the vehicle is incredibly heavy and likely going at a high speed. 

-Bruises, scratches, and road burn. The most common injuries in bicycle accidents are often external scratches and scrapes. Road burns can happen if a cyclist is thrown from their bike and flies across the ground. It can be incredibly painful and leave scars. 

-Internal bleeding. This can be a problem in more serious bicycle accidents. You cannot tell from the outside that a person is injured this way, which is why it is so important to go see a medical professional if you are injured in a bicycle accident. 

You should always see your primary care physician after a bicycle accident, even if you feel fine. Not only will he or she be able to check for common injuries, but your doctor can also take notes in case you decide to go to court regarding the accident at a later date. 

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