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Larry Disparti is an attorney based in Chicago, IL with an office in Tampa, Florida. His work focuses on Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Workers Compensation, Employee Rights, and Social Security Disability. Throughout his years of practice, Larry has taken pride in his ability to deliver top notch care to clients and assist with their legal situations.

Licensed to practice in Illinois, Florida, Washington D.C. and Arizona, Larry Disparti established his firm in 2003 with the intention of providing top quality legal service to his communities with a focus on customer service.  Over the years his firm has grown to 18 lawyers and over 80 support staff.  Larry has been featured in numerous national news publications for his case results and his firm was recently named one of the most influential firms in America by the National Trial Lawyer Association.

Larry has always held the belief that everyone, regardless of economic situation, is entitled to have great legal representation, no case too big or too small.  Leveling the playing field for people against big insurance, big corporations, and the government has been the firms guiding mission.

Outside of his practice, Larry is driven to give back to the communities he serves.  Larry sponsors numerous community organizations, all with the aim of helping those in need.  Programs such as Back to school backpacks for kids in need, food programs for kids, supporting athletics and art programs for children, Thanksgiving turkey programs, his Heads in Helmets program routinely providing bicycle helmets for children in need.

Larry is active in supporting groups that need disability representation such as the MS Society, Fibromyalgia groups, Crohn’s Disease, NAMI, and Traumatic Brain Injury groups.

When he is not working or giving back, Larry enjoys spending as much time as possible with his 3 kids.

About Larry Disparti

In His Own Words

“I have compassion for people, and I take pride in what I do,” he says. “Current economic conditions are causing more and more people to apply for disability, and government uses more screening processes to discourage fraud. With government budgets in crisis, the process is slowing down, and clients often become frustrated.” “We are seeing the same thing now with the insurance companies, forcing us to pursue litigation for our clients which often only delays the help our clients need.”

Larry realizes he holds his clients’ lives and their livelihoods in his hands, and that adds meaning to his work.

“We are dealing with a government that is not customer-service-oriented, and patience comes down to compassion for our clients,” Disparti says. “I put myself in their shoes and ask myself, ‘What would I do?’”

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