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Aaron Goldman
Aaron Goldman

Aaron Goldman



Aaron Goldman

Aaron received his undergraduate degree in Special Education from Northeastern Illinois University in 2011. He received his Juris Doctorate from Southern Illinois University School of Law in 2016. Prior to attending law school, Aaron worked as a special education teacher at a therapeutic day school in Chicago, primarily serving students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

In this role, Aaron worked closely with clinical professionals, educators, administrators, and students’ families. This collaborative approach allowed Aaron to provide a high quality individualized education which met the needs of each student.

Top Settlements

– Each case presents its own set of unique challenges and I have found it incredibly rewarding when I’ve been able to overcome those challenges. One case, for example, involved a younger individual with a severe case of Crohn’s disease. A lapse in insurance coverage resulted in a gap in treatment and this individual was unable to get access to a much needed medication for a period of several months. Despite the gap in treatment, I was able to help the judge understand the severity of the client’s impairments by highlighting the client’s treatment history and efforts to re-establish treatment. The judge recognized the disabling effects of the client’s condition and we were able to obtain a fully favorable decision.

– Another case that stands out to me involves an individual who had run a successful business for many years. Unfortunately, after suffering multiple debilitating conditions, including a stroke, this individual experienced a decline in cognitive functioning and could no longer run the business. Still, we had the burden to prove that, not only could this person not perform past work such as running a business; but we also had to prove the person could not even perform a simple unskilled job. This burden is often an uphill climb; however, by making sure the client knew the kind of testing and evaluations that would be most helpful to shedding light on the severity of the decline in cognitive function, we were well prepared with strong evidence that allowed us to obtain a fully favorable decision.

– Cases involving mental health impairments are often some of the most challenging to win since people often cannot see or understand what those who suffer mental health conditions are going through. Still, I have been able to obtain multiple wins for clients with significant mental health conditions by utilizing their medical records and taking testimony to highlight a clear picture for the judge regarding the extent to which their mental health impairments interfere with their lives. It’s often an uphill battle but when the end result is a favorable decision, it is highly rewarding. I have obtained favorable decisions for clients with conditions such as severe anxiety and agoraphobia, schizophrenia, and depression, just to name a few.


– “Outstanding Leadership Award”: Obtained for my contributions while serving as the Commentary Managing Editor of the “Journal of Legal Medicine” while in law school.


Northeastern Illinois University – B.A. Special Education

Sothern Illinois University School of Law – Juris Doctor (J.D.)


Decalogue Society of Lawyers

Illinois State Bar Association

About Aaron Goldman

In his own words

I recognize that no single case is alike. Therefore, I strive to learn all I can about each case by thoroughly reviewing all relevant evidence and engaging in meaningful dialogues with my clients. Through this approach, I am able to determine how to present each case in a most favorable light and educate my clients along the way. While, as a lawyer, I deal with disability cases nearly every day, I realize the experience is often new and unfamiliar for my clients. Therefore, I take it upon myself to do all I can to break down the key issues and help to make the process as pleasant as possible.