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Mass Torts Lawyer

A mass tort is a civil lawsuit involving many victims who are all demanding compensation from the same defendants. The classic example of a mass tort is a plane crash, in which hundreds of people were seriously hurt or killed in a single incident. However, there are numerous other examples of mass torts, from defective drugs that put thousands of patients at risk to fraudulent business activities that took money from millions.

Combining many individual lawsuits into a mass tort can benefit plaintiffs by allowing them to share resources. If you believe you have grounds for a lawsuit, consider speaking with an experienced mass torts lawyer today. A dedicated attorney could fight for your right to receive compensation.

Examples of Mass Torts

There are many examples of mass torts, all of which involve one incident or one type of conduct that hurt many victims. Examples include:

  • Train, plane, boat, or bus crashes that hurt or killed those on board
  • Dangerous products that broke or worked improperly and hurt consumers
  • Fraudulent business practices that took money from innocent people and paying customers
  • Environmental disasters negligently or recklessly caused by a business or company

The impacts of mass torts are frequently wide-reaching. A mass torts attorney can help victims navigate the complicated legal waters to recover the compensation they deserve.

Class Actions Pool Plaintiffs into a Single Case

If each and every victim filed their own lawsuit, it could overburden the court system and the defendants. Therefore, the law allows victims to come together and file their claims as a class action. In fact, in many cases where many people are making identical claims for damages, courts may require victims to pool their claims to save judicial resources and time.

However, class actions are not easy to pursue. These lawsuits involve numerous procedural hurdles that are not present in a single lawsuit brought by a one victim.

One of these hurdles is the notification requirement, which forces an interested set of victims to notify others of their intent to sue. Depending on the circumstances in the case, the class can be required to allow victims to opt-out of the class action lawsuit to follow their own path, or opt-in to make use of the class to enforce their rights. With the help of a mass torts lawyer, victims could make sure their rights are protected and not hurt by a class action lawsuit.

Another unique part of class action lawsuits from mass tort events is defining the class that is represented. Courts require class actions to contain victims who have suffered common injuries and will use similar legal arguments, be numerous enough to warrant a class action and not individual claims, and be adequately represented by the lawyers and main plaintiffs.

Talk to a Mass Torts Attorney to Understand Your Rights

Mass torts and the class actions that they often spawn are tricky. In some cases, the best option is to join or even create a class action lawsuit to pursue the compensation to which you are entitled. However, in other cases, it can be wise to avoid a forming class and strike out on your own.

The best way to know for sure which path is right for you is to talk to a mass torts lawyer at Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers. With their insight and experience, you can make an educated decision about your legal options.