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Wage Theft Lawyer Chicago, IL

Wage Theft Lawyer Chicago, IL

Withholding your wages for no reason is illegal. If your employer is withholding wages from you, you need to contact a wage theft lawyer in Chicago, Illinois from Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers today. 

There is absolutely no reason for you to not get paid what you were owed. If you put in the work and gave up your valuable time for your employer, you deserve to be compensated for that. A lawyer will step in, if necessary, to collect the wages you have not been paid.

What damages can you collect in a case like this?

You may be wondering why you need a wage theft lawyer on your side. First, and perhaps the most obvious reason, your lawyer will know the laws of your state and be able to state them in a clear and concise way to your employer. You may want to try to work things out with your employer directly, and a lawyer will be able to help you figure out if this is the best route to take. Other compensation you may be eligible to collect is any fees or fines you had to pay for overdue bills because you were not paid on time. You should have absolutely no negative financial effects from being paid late for the work that you did. Your employer likely expects you to turn in your work on time, and you should be given the same respect of getting paid when your employer agreed to pay you.

Other Ways Employers May Withhold Wages

Wage withholding is not always black-and-white. Sometimes, employers engage in wage theft by making their employees work hours off the clock. It is not right, nor is it legal to require employees to work without getting paid. Another way wage that may occur in the workplace is by calling certain employees contractors, even though they should be qualified as full-time employees. This is a sneaky way for employers to not have to give their employees the benefits they earned and deserve. 

Finally, if you work overtime, you need to be compensated for this as well. Some companies have policies where they pay extra for overtime, while others pay just more for working more hours. Regardless, you need to be compensated for the hours you were putting into work. Your time is valuable and should be treated as such.

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If you feel that any of this applies to you, you need to reach out to a wage theft lawyer in Chicago, IL from our law firm today. We can take a deep dive into your work habits and pay to see whether or not you are being compensated for all that you do. Wage theft is a serious crime, and employers should not get away with treating their workers this way.