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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Chicago, IL


Nursing home abuse is frightening because you want to be able to trust the people who are taking care of your loved ones. It is scary when you find out that the place they were supposed to be comfortable and safe is actually the very opposite. In fact, this is one of the reasons, as to why some old people do not want to be taken care of in a nursing home. Some have heard stories of abuse, via their friends, they have family members that have suffered, at the hands of abusive nurses, and more. Also, one of the ways to look at the reputation of a nursing home is to read reviews on the site, in relation to the place that one may end up staying at. If reviews are positive, then the place may have a good reputation; however, this is not entirely black and white, as reviewers are not the end all be all. If you think there is even just a chance that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home or assisted living facility in any way, you need to take him or her out of the situation and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Chicago, Illinois from Disparti Law Group right away. We will make sure that your loved one gets a fair and thorough investigation at their place of living and that they are safe before returning to their home. It is important for everyone to look out for elders, as they are a more vulnerable part of the population. 


Unfortunately, there are many different forms of abuse that occur in nursing homes and assisted living homes. Not all of them are incredibly obvious, so you should know what to look out for. Here are a few of the most common ways people are mistreated in their home:

-Residents are not taken care of properly. This can include a lack of good, healthy foods, overmedicating, not giving them a comfortable place to stay or even verbal abuse. Healthy foods are some of the most important facets of a nursing home since they aid in ensuring that an individual’s health from a diet perspective, is being taken care of. In relation to abuse, there are times when a nurse may not care about the nutritional needs of a resident, and as such, this will end up reflecting an unhealthy diet.

-Residents can develop bed sores from not being tended to often enough. This is a tell tale sign that your loved one is likely facing abuse. It is important for someone who is bedbound to still continue to move around so that their blood is still able to flow properly. Moreover, nursing homes (when not taken care of properly), can have issues involving bed bugs, ticks, and more.  This may be one of the reasons why residents may develop sores.  

-Ignoring residents is one of the most common forms of abuse in nursing homes. This could be in the form of not giving any emotional or mental stimulation whatsoever, or it could be by not properly physically caring for them. 

-Financial abuse is also possible as well. Not unheard of that nurses and other staff stealing from their residents or the facility as a whole overcharging or finding ways to steal from their social security benefits. 

It is always important to be aware of what your loved one is going through and check in on them in person on a regular basis. 


While sometimes residents do get abused due to malicious intents and/or actions, often there are less heinous reasons why residents become abused. Some reasons may include:

  • Inexperienced Caregivers: The facility as a whole or the staff they employ may simply be inexperienced when comes to taking care of elderly patients. A way this inexperience manifests may include taking care of their personal needs such as properly maintaining their hygiene, giving them the proper food both in terms of nutrition and what they’re allowed to eat, and properly administering their medicine. 
  • Staffing Problems: Sometimes a facility may be facing a staffing problem and have too many residents compared to staff. As such, staff might not be able to give as much attention to a resident as needed. Additionally, this may also lead to the facility hiring inexperienced caregivers. For example, they may hire contract workers or staff with fewer years of experience in order to fill vacant positions. 
  • Problems with the Caregivers Themselves: Caregivers are humans just like everyone else and they might abuse residents even without that being their intentions. For example, working at a nursing home can be hard, grueling work, and some nurses may receive low pay. Compounded with external stresses, it’s possible for caregivers to simply lose their passion and not be as attentive. 


If you were going to put your loved one in a home, it is crucial that you know some of the telltale signs of nursing home abuse. This would involve identifying any of what we mentioned above, as well as any major changes in personality or the way your loved one talks to you. This is one of the most important signs, since abuse is not always outwardly. If a resident has changed their behavior, with them seeming to have shut down, the former resident being more aggressive, more depressed, and more, then these could likely be signs of mental abuse. If someone is being abused in a nursing home, he or she may shut down and not be as talkative. Your relative could be scared of repercussions that they may face if they speak up. It is always important to have some alone time with your loved ones so that he or she can be completely honest with you about how everything is going on at home. It is your duty to keep a close eye on them to keep them safe from harm.


If you believe your family member is being abused there are a few steps you should undertake. The first step should always be to remove them from the situation. This may mean entrusting them with a family member or moving them to another care facility. Following this, you will want to get in contact with an experienced abuse lawyer and start gathering evidence. Some pieces of evidence may include:

  • Any medical records. 
  • Photographs of abuse sustained (such as physical marks). 
  • Testimonies wrote/recorded from parties such as the resident suspected of being abused, other residents, staff members’ testimonies, your own account of the abuse, doctors’ opinions, etc. 

Lastly, you will want to try communicating with your loved ones as best as you can to see if they can tell you any vital information. This may be a difficult process for them and they may not have the mental faculities to be able to do so. You may even need to enlist the help of necessary professionals that are able to talk to your loved ones. If this isn’t possible, however, your lawyer will still be able to help you build your case by finding other sources of evidence. 


Even if you are unsure of whether or not your loved one is facing abuse, you should reach out to someone who is an expert in this topic and can help you better investigate. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Chicago, IL from Disparti Law Group today to set up a consultation. From there, the lawyer would be able to aid an individual in assessing the situation from an in depth perspective. Examples of this would include questions about the kind of abuse that one went through, how it affected the individual, any compensation that one could get from their suffering, and more. We can go over all of the details of what your loved one may be going through and help you figure out what the next steps you can take should be. 

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