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Disparti Law Group Represents Chicago Teen Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run Near School

APRIL 17, 2024 (Chicago, IL) — Disparti Law Group has taken on the case to represent 15-year-old Maari Roberson who was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident on his way home from school on Monday. CPD is still searching for the driver of the vehicle and asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Roberson, a student at Christian Fenger Academy High School, suffered major injuries in the accident including a broken femur, two broken legs, and a brain bleed. After undergoing brain surgery as well as surgery to repair his legs, Robinson remains sedated at a nearby hospital.

His mother, Martina Thomas, says Roberson is “a humble, good kid” and his school reports he is a great student. Roberson enjoys wrestling and is an avid gamer, his friends and family say.

Nearly 50 students were present when the speeding vehicle struck Roberson while in the crosswalk at 112th St and Parnell Ave. Students who spoke to the offender say the man got out of the car, gave them a fake number, and said he would be right back after buying cigars.

actual photo of the hit and run vehicle

Actual image of hit-and-run vehicle.

On Tuesday, family and friends gathered outside the high school as a call for justice. “And anyone who knows the guy who did this please bring him to justice, because that could be your son in the hospital,” Maari’s father, Terry Pickett said.

Police say the vehicle was a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo with a sunroof, broken windshield, and damage on one side. It is also believed that the driver may have been borrowing the car from a friend or family member.

Roberson is expected to be in recovery from his injuries for at least a year. If you have any information regarding the owner or driver of the vehicle, please contact the CPD Major Accidents Investigation Unit at (312) 745-4521 right away.

Compensation for Roberson’s Injuries

Roberson likely has a long road in front of him as he recovers from his injuries — both physically and emotionally. Disparti Law Group has stepped in to support the family in pursuing compensation for the medical expenses that are already piling up. Finding the person who committed this senseless act would be a major step toward getting justice for Maari.

Fortunately, even in a hit-and-run accident, insurance companies are still obligated to cover medical expenses under uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury coverage, or even collision coverage. We plan to fight tooth and nail to ensure the family does not have to carry the financial burden of the tragic event so they can focus fully on supporting Maari as he continues to fight for his life.

Proven Success Defending Injured Hit-and-Run Victims

Our team has shown up time and time again for injured victims involved in similar accidents to Maari’s. When 14-year-old Cristopher Guiracocha was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike, we fought hard to hold his father’s insurance company accountable for their uninsured motorist coverage. We pursued the case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court and won, guaranteeing even more protection for other hit-and-run victims in Illinois.

We intend to fight just as hard for Roberson and his family. As a community, it’s on us to speak up and stand in the way of injustice.


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