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    Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago, IL


    Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago, IL

    Personal Injury

    Personal injury cases can range greatly depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Moreover, sometimes personal injuries happen, because of accidents or mistakes.  However, sometimes personal injuries can also be intentional as well.  An example of a personal injury situation, where one would suffer due to the actions of another, is a wet floor, in which someone gets a concussion because there is no sign that the floor is wet. Another example of this would be someone’s hand or finger getting caught in a machine, causing permanent injury. However, personal injuries can also be deliberate as well. One of the strongest examples of this pertains to criminal actions such as robbery, muggings, stabbings, shooting, and more. These kinds of injuries can not only bring physical suffering but also mental suffering as well. Now; if the incident that occurred happened because someone was negligent, it very well could be a personal injury case. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, like a lawyer from Disparti Law Group, to get assistance figuring out whether or not you may have a case. Here are some of the most common types of personal injury cases.

    Dog Bite Injuries

    Dogs are often lovingly called “man’s best friend”.  However, dogs are also animals as well, and they can be aggressive too. This can happen for different reasons, such as the dog being a breed of more aggressive, a dog being overly protective, due to the need to protect its family, aggressive from a traumatic past, and more. As such, while dogs are known for being friendly and loving, they can also cause great harm to people. If you or someone you care about has been injured by a dog, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to see what kind of compensation you may be entitled to. Dogs can cause an incredible amount of damage. Not only could they completely disfigure someone’s face, but they can also cause great damage on limbs and other body parts that cause lifelong damage. This type of severe damage usually happens on the basis of a vicious attack, such as an attack from a pit bull. A lawyer can help you seek the justice you deserve in this case.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and falls are incredibly common injuries, as they can happen anywhere. As long as a property was not looked after, you may have a personal injury case. The slip and fall could be caused by a wet surface on the floor, by something sticking up or lying in a walkway, or could be from unsafe conditions that were not cared for by the property manager. This could make several people or entities liable for your injuries.

    Medical Malpractice

    Being injured by a doctor is jarring, as you expect to be able to trust your medical professional. This is one of the more traumatic types of personal injuries and you need to have all of your past, present, and future medical bills taken care of by the at-fault party. You may also be entitled to damages for pain and suffering or loss of consortium due to the injuries you sustained.

    Car Accidents

    Car and other vehicle accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases, as everyone drives or rides in cars on a fairly regular basis. Car accidents can range from very mild to severe. There are many different damages that can be collected in car accident cases. It is always important to have a personal injury lawyer on your side, rather than just accepting the first settlement you are offered. Insurance agents are notorious for offering small settlement amounts to try to make the problem go away.

    Product Liability

    If a person purchases an item that is meant to work one way and then ends up injuring the consumer, they may have a product liability case. It is important to determine whether the item was being used properly and if this has happened to others. Sometimes, people will get involved in class action lawsuits to get compensation, but you often have a much greater chance at gaining compensation if you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyers at Disparti Law Group will be happy to look over your case to determine if it is worth pursuing.

    Wrongful Death

    One of the hardest parts of personal injury law is dealing with wrongful death lawsuits. This is difficult because those who are seeking compensation are also trying to grieve the loss of a loved one. Even if you do not feel ready to even begin thinking about seeking compensation, your lawyer needs to have time to collect evidence, file paperwork, and ensure that you do not miss the statute of limitations for filing. Your lawyer will be kind and understanding and will not push you past your limits of what you are able to speak about, but also needs to be able to have the time necessary to create a case.

    most common types of personal injury cases Infographic


    When it comes to personal injury cases there are generally two main types of compensation available: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to expenses that are easy to calculate and some examples may include the following:

    • Lost wages. 
    • Both present and future medical bills. 
    • Out-of-pocket expenses such as rent or groceries. 
    • Legal fees. 
    • Property damages like in the case of a car crash. 

    Non-economic damages, however, are harder to calculate and may be more subjective. Some examples include:

    • Pain and suffering.
    • Emotional distress including dealing with issues like PTSD. 
    • Temporary or permament disfigurement. 
    • Issues such as becoming blind, deaf, or losing certain motor functions. 
    • A reduction in overall quality of life including difficulty with relationships, jobs, a loss in reputation, etc. 

    How much compensation you will receive may depend upon the severity of the personal injury, the events leading up to it, and the aftermath. Ultimately, having an attorney by your side is the best bet. 


    There are many ways that your attorney will be able to assist you with your case. For starters, they can help you gather the necessary evidence you will need and properly file your claim. Most importantly, they will fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the proper justice and compensation you deserve.  Moreover, when it comes to a personal injury lawyer, some of the questions that they will answer, will be in relation to how the injury happened, why it happened, who was involved, the amount of damage that was done, whether the physical or mental suffering from the individual has been greater.  This aids in refining the case and narrowing it down (particularly based on compensation aspects, since not every case is black and white, in relation to how they are resolved).


    Some people might be reluctant to reach out to a personal injury lawyer simply due to costs. However, when it comes to might personal injury cases a lawyer will work off of a contingency fee. What this means is that instead of being paid hourly and/or with a retainer fee, the lawyer will instead be awarded a percentage of the final settlement/court award. Although this amount will sometimes be 30% or more, the advantage of having a contingency fee means you won’t have to pay any upfront costs. Additionally, you will only need to pay if you win your case. 


    While some personal injury lawsuits do end up going to trial, the vast majority are settled out before they reach that stage in the process. The reason for this is that it requires substantial time and money for both parties. As such, an insurance company will likely try to settle out before reaching court. 


    When the insurance company offers you a settlement on your case it may seem like a time to celebrate. However, you should always scrutinize their offer. While an offer may sound attractive on paper, there’s a good chance that it won’t cover all your necessary costs and expenses–present and future. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies will try to undercut a victim upon the first offer. Consulting with your experienced attorney will help you determine if their offer is realistic. If it isn’t, your lawyer will be able to help negotiate for a better offer. 

    Reaching Out to a Lawyer Can Only Help

    It never hurts to contact a personal injury lawyer about your case. Not only can your lawyer help you get much more compensation, but it is typically completely risk-free to hire someone, as personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that your lawyer will get a previously agreed upon percentage of your winnings. An initial consultation is also free, which means that it absolutely cannot hurt to contact someone. This way, you can have a professional look at the details that surround your case and determine whether it is worth pursuing. Your lawyer will also be able to come up with the correct amount to seek in compensation. This can be difficult, as you want to make sure that you get all of the compensation you deserve. This includes any medical costs that you have already paid, any property damage that occurred, as well as the future bills that you may need to pay. Your lawyer will also likely know the judge presiding over your case and will be familiar with their track record and what they may find reasonable. Your lawyer can also speak to other parties on your behalf, which means that there could be a potential of settling outside of court. Reach out to a lawyer from Disparti Law Group today to learn more.

    Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer from Disparti Law Group Today

    It is crucial to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are injured so that you do not miss the statute of limitations for filing in your state. You also may need to have someone go to the scene of the accident while it is still fresh to collect evidence. Do not hesitate to reach out to a lawyer to set up a consultation right away. Your lawyer will be on your side and help you best prepare for collecting the compensation you deserve.

    Frequently Answered Questions

    Which damages can I recover? 

    If you decide to file a claim with help from a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, IL, you may be eligible to claim various types of damages. The damages you can claim are economic and non-economic damages, but in special cases you can even be awarded punitive damages. Economic damages refer to financial losses that have a specific value, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages can also be included in your claim, which refer to losses that are subjective and are more based on a victim’s personal reaction to an accident, such as pain and suffering. Punitive damages are awarded in unique cases, such as for drunk driving accidents. 

    Can I recover compensation if I didn’t seek medical attention?

    Many clients who meet with a personal injury lawyer ask if it is still possible to recover compensation if they did not immediately seek medical attention following their accident. While it makes your case much more complicated, it is still possible to obtain compensation. However, don’t expect your amount to be high. You may be eligible to receive a portion of compensation you would otherwise be entitled to. The insurance company may be skeptical of your claim, so they might use your lack of immediate action as an excuse to give you a lower amount of no compensation at all.

    What are the advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer? 

    Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, IL has many advantages. You can receive constant legal advice and guidance throughout the duration of your case. Personal injury cases are usually highly complex, so if you attempt to handle your case alignment you likely will not get as large of a settlement compared to someone who hires a lawyer. With a lawyer at your side, they can work on all of the tasks of your case, such as collecting evidence, building your case, preparing your argument, and everything else related to the claims process. 

    What are common types of personal injury cases? 

    There are many kinds of personal injury cases because it is a wide practice area that covers many accidents. A personal injury case is a case that results in a victim suffering physical or emotional harm, however it can also apply to cases where a victim suffered harm to their reputation. Common types of personal injury cases that a lawyer often sees include car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, product defects and slip and falls. Regardless of whether the harm was done intentionally or not, these cases can qualify as personal injury cases if there is evidence to prove that negligence occurred. 

    Will my case go to trial? 

    Another question that clients ask personal injury lawyers is whether their case will need to go to trial. The majority of personal injury cases do not go to trial. They are mostly settled out of court because both parties are able to reach a satisfactory agreement. If your case needs to go to trial, it will usually be because the insurance company does not want to cooperate or they are not responsive. A highly qualified and skilled personal injury lawyer based in Chicago, IL like one from Disparti Law Group will determine a specific defense strategy if your case does need to go to trial. 


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