Social Security Benefits: What is Available?

Social Security is one of the most important government services in existence. The range of benefits available from the Social Security Administration have helped millions of people pay their bills and make ends meet in their times of greatest need. We usually think of SSI as something we get when we retire, but the truth [...]

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Food Poisoning: Can You Sue the Restaurant?

The idea of getting food poisoning is something that we all dread. It conjures ideas not just of discomfort, but horror stories of suffering and death. In truth, the vast majority of cases of foodborne illness are relatively mild and clear up within a few days at most. Some people wonder if it’s possible to [...]

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Getting Medical Treatment After an Accident With No Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance coverage, then the possibility of being in a serious accident weighs heavily on your mind. When you’re in an accident and don’t have health insurance, you’ll likely struggle to gain access to the medical treatment that you need, which can lead to long-lasting injuries that affect your ability to [...]

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How the “Serious Injury” Threshold Effects No Fault Car Accident

When you’ve been involved in a major car accident, it is, unfortunately, common to find yourself unable to work and pay your bills. In most states, you can either file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance or file a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation you need to support yourself. However, if your [...]

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Do You Need to Report Minor Car Accidents to the Insurance Company?

Many people wonder if they’re in a minor fender bender where no claims are going to be made, or whether the claim against the other driver’s insurance will be minor if they need to tell their own insurance company about it. The fear many bears is that if you tell your insurer, they might raise your [...]

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How to Make Sure You’re Paid Worker’s Compensation in Florida

If you get hurt while working, It’s likely you are entitled to collect benefits from workers’ compensation. However, just like other insurance providers, workers’ comp insurance companies will be looking for ways to avoid paying the full value of your claim. Here are some good rules to follow in order to make sure you receive [...]

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I Was Injured by a Co-worker, Is That Workers’ Comp?

If you are injured while on the job, workers’ compensation will generally cover the medical costs of your injuries. Learn what will happen if you are hurt by a co-worker while at work, and what you can do if your claim is not covered by workers’ comp. Injured On The Job What constitutes a work-related [...]

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Injury Lawsuits: Do You Have to Go to Court?

A personal injury lawsuit can manifest in many different ways. Before you file a lawsuit, you must first speak with your personal injury lawyer and decide whether you are willing to settle a claim first. If not, you will eventually have to decide whether or not to take it to a trial. When Should I [...]

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Construction Site Injuries: What You Need to Know

Cities are expanding, and suburbs are growing thicker wherever we turn. It’s difficult to walk a short block without finding yourself wandering onto a construction site. Construction companies have a duty to keep their sites safe for their workers as well as any passing pedestrians. If you’ve been hurt at a construction site, you may [...]

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The Truth About Road Construction Accidents

Road construction can be a traffic-causing pain, but it can also be dangerous for motorists and the construction workers. Road construction accidents often result from negligence on the part of the construction company to ensure safe construction zones. If you’ve been injured in a road construction accident, you may be able to seek compensation for [...]

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