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    Winter Safety Tips

    Winter Safety Tips

    Winter Safety Tips 10 Tips for Winter Driving  Winter is here and the weather is getting frightening. As storms lurk, it is important for drivers to prepare to take the roads during inclement weather. The following are 10 tips for navigating road safely this...

    IL Medical Malpractice After Delivering Twins

    In Chicago, a patient’s guardian successfully sued the hospital where the patient’s twins were delivered because she was left disabled following the delivery. The patient carrying the twins had what is known as a “placenta accreta.” This is when the placenta is...

    What Are 4 Types Of Nursing Home Abuse?

    If you have a loved one living in a nursing home, you may have started to notice them acting differently. You might see them more withdrawn during your visits or maybe they get quiet when certain nursing home staff members are nearby. On the other hand, you may have...