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Trinity Bus Accident Lawyer

Because buses usually operate full of unrestrained passengers, accidents can result in serious injuries to a large number of passengers. While bus accident victims may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, it is generally a good idea to act quickly.

A Trinity bus accident lawyer could help you meet requirements to preserve your rights and fight for a fair recovery. An experienced personal injury attorney could also advocate on your behalf and answer questions from investigators so that you can focus your energy on healing.

Prompt Action is Advisable

If a bus involved in an accident is operated by or under the authority of a government entity, such as the Pasco County School District, the time to file a claim may be extremely limited. Although the statute of limitations in most accident cases is four years, it may be as short as six months when the defendant is a government entity.

A Trinity bus accident attorney could assess the situation and ensure that all claims are prepared within the statutory limitation period. Moreover, an attorney could also begin investigating the incident quickly, as the best evidence is usually available shortly after a crash. For instance, traffic cameras may have caught an incident on video, but the images could be erased unless someone takes prompt action to preserve them.

Evidence Needed to Establish Liability

In most cases, before accident victims may recover compensation, they must demonstrate that another person acted negligently or recklessly and that the irresponsible conduct caused the injury. Supporting evidence could include statements from witnesses, photographs, video footage, and police reports.

The victim will also need evidence demonstrating the severity of an injury, so it is important to obtain a thorough examination and follow doctors’ instructions. A Trinity bus accident lawyer could work to collect and preserve evidence that can be used in settlement negotiations as well as at trial.

Comparative Negligence

If the bus company alleges that negligence on the part of the victim contributed to the injury, that information could lead to a reduction in damages but will not bar recovery under the state’s comparative fault rule. According to Fla. Stat. §768.81, the contributory fault of the person injured will proportionately diminish the amount of damages they receive for both economic and noneconomic effects. A court could determine the amount of fault attributed to each party, or, for settlement negotiation purposes, a Trinity bus accident lawyer could approximate the level of fault based on legal precedent.

If, for instance, a bus accident victim could be found five percent to blame for causing injuries because they were switching seats in the bus at the time of a collision, then the amount received for all types of damages would be reduced by five percent.

Consult a Trinity Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accident victims could receive compensation for noneconomic consequences such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of favorite activities. In addition, they may receive damages to pay for medical bills, make up for lost income, and provide for future needs.

A Trinity bus accident lawyer could review the circumstances of your case and explain what may be possible to recover. Your attorney can serve as your advocate, standing up against insurance companies to fight for your interests. To get started with a free consultation, call now.