When someone is hurt due to the negligence of another party, the victim may seek compensation for their losses by filing a personal injury claim. Personal injury cases can stem from almost any type of harm caused by negligent, reckless, or malicious conduct, ranging from drunk driving car accidents to nursing home abuse and neglect. If you or a loved one incurred damages as the result of another party’s wrongful actions, an experienced Trinity personal injury lawyer could help.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Many scenarios can give rise to a personal injury claim, including but not limited to:

Automobile Crashes

There are many different types of motor vehicle accidents for which a personal injury lawyer in Trinity can help victims seek compensation. Victims of head-on collisions, drunk or distracted driving crashes, collisions with tractor-trailers, and others may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Injuries at Businesses

When a person is injured on someone else’s property – especially when the property is a place of business – the property owner could be liable for compensating the victim for their injuries. Examples of premises liability injuries include slip and fall accidents, dog bites, or nursing home neglect.

Product Liability Injuries

When a product is defective in some way and injures a consumer as a result, the product maker may be liable for the injuries the victim sustained. Some examples of product liability injuries include dangerous drugs, faulty brakes on vehicles, or unsafe baby toys that kids pose a choking hazard.

Healthcare Mistakes and Misconduct

Doctors have a standard of care they must adhere to, and when the standard of care is breached, the physician, hospital, or health care practice could be responsible for the patient’s damages.

However a victim sustained a personal injury, a skilled Trinity personal injury attorney could help investigate and decide how best to move forward.

Comparative Negligence

Florida’s negligence guidelines are considered rather generous to personal injury victims. Even if the injured person is partially responsible for causing their own accident, they may be able to recover compensation. This is true even when their percentage of fault is larger than the other parties. However, the victim’s damage award would be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to them. A personal injury attorney in Trinity could explain comparative negligence in greater detail and how it may apply to a particular case.

Statute of Limitations

In most Trinity personal injury cases, there is a statute of limitations, or time limit, of four years from the date the accident or injury took place unless the victim had a reasonable delay in discovering their injury. Medical malpractice cases have a stricter limit of two years from the date the injury occurred, with a four-year cap on the delayed discovery exception. A skilled Trinity personal injury attorney could help file their claims within the required time limit.

Consult an Experienced Trinity Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of what kind of accident you suffered, a skilled Trinity personal injury lawyer could examine the circumstances of what happened to you and determine which party may be at fault. You may be eligible for a range of compensation for both economic and noneconomic losses.

A compassionate attorney has extensive experience handling personal injury claims and could pursue compensation on your behalf, whether that involves a negotiated settlement or trial. Call today to discuss your situation.

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