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What Recent Victories for Teamsters Means For All Workers

Victories for teamsters, delivery man holding box The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is one of the largest, most influential labor unions in the country. From its start, it has been known to lead the way in fighting for better wages and work conditions for its members. But the Teamsters Union has not only improved the conditions for union workers but for all workers. That legacy continues today after several recent victories for Teamsters that are sure to impact all workers throughout Chicago and the state of Illinois.

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Better Wages for UPS Workers

UPS employees represented by the Teamsters Union just procured a major win for workers. Officially ratified by union members on August 22, 2023, the five-year contract will impact 340,000 UPS employees. This is goodness not just for the workers but also for our economy. The impending strike would have put a halt to UPS operations which would have caused major disruptions throughout the US. Fortunately, the ratification of this new agreement prevented what would have been a major disaster for US postal delivery systems.

Teamsters were able to negotiate an agreement that would put more money into the pockets of both part- and full-time UPS employees. The agreement offers the following to UPS union workers:

  • 7,500 new full-time union positions providing more opportunities for part-time workers to move towards full-time positions.
  • All UPS union employees will receive a raise of $2.75/hr this year.
  • Over the next five years, UPS union employees will see a $7.50/hr pay increase.
  • Part-time UPS workers start at $21/hr rather than the previous $16.20/hr.

This new agreement can change many lives, helping more hard-working people receive the pay they deserve.

Teamsters Stand Up Against Cemex Labor Violations

Another major win for the Teamsters was holding Cemex accountable for its unfair labor practices. When union members tried to hold a fair election, Cemex broke nearly every rule in the book from intimating supporters to outright firing them. This type of behavior from an employer is completely unacceptable and luckily, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) agreed.

The NLRB is responsible for enforcing fair labor practices during union elections and negotiations. In the case of Cemex, the unacceptable labor violations that were committed led the NLRB to the decision to issue bargaining orders rather than re-run the election. This sets a new precedent for employers whose actions grossly impede a union’s ability to have a fair election.

How Do These Victories for Teamsters Benefit All Workers?

The recent victories for Teamsters do not only impact its members. While union members have the benefit of a contract agreement explicitly outlining their rights, non-union members still benefit from the new status quo that comes out of these historic wins. Non-union companies like Amazon will be forced to pay better attention to the needs of their employees or risk losing them for better-paying union jobs. The bar has officially been raised in the package delivery industry.

Additionally, this success may have a positive impact on the union movement overall. The momentum that many unions have lost in the past few decades may finally be revived. More Americans may have access to better union jobs with better pay. Employer attempts to engage in any form of union-busting are weakened, paving a clearer path toward negotiating better rights for both union and non-union workers.

Holding Employers Accountable

As we’ve mentioned, the NLRB is the agency tasked with overseeing labor and employment issues and enforcing the rights of American workers. However, the industry on its own could not possibly hold employers accountable and ensure that employee rights are being upheld. In a sense, that starts with the people on the ground — the UPS workers, Amazon drivers, or construction manufacturers — who are willing to speak up for what is not right.

But hard-working union and non-union members do not have to stand up alone. Filing complaints with the NLRB can be time-consuming and, with the profusion of legal jargon often involved, difficult to understand. Contacting a labor and employment attorney to be in your corner can go a long way. For union members like the Teamsters, there may be a point where your case extends outside the preview of your union rep and you need an experienced legal representative to jump in the ring.

At Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers, we make it our mission to support unions, their members, and any other hard-working citizens of Chicago and throughout Illinois. We are experts in employment and labor laws and have the knowledge to needed to fight for your rights and win.

Whether it’s to help organize union initiatives, provide representation during collective bargaining, or hold your employer accountable for unfair labor practices, contact one of our labor Union lawyers today for a FREE case review. Call (312) 600-6000.

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