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Lawsuit Filed Against Chicago Board of Education/CPS in Sexual Allegation Case

DECEMBER 12, 2023 – Today, attorneys from The Karlin Law Firm, LLC and Disparti Law Group announced a lawsuit against the Chicago Board of Education, including Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School, Chicago Public School District 299 (CPS), and Andrew Castro.

For more than 5 years, “our clients, students at a Chicago Public School, endured grooming and sexual abuse by a teacher – a person entrusted with their education and safety,” says Patrycja Karlin, of The Karlin Law Firm, an attorney working with Disparti Law on the case.

“As a father, we as parents trust that our kids are in safe hands when we send them to school every day,” commented Larry Disparti, “but unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening in our schools today.”

He went on to note, “the details of this case are so repulsive. And the mandated-reporter administrators and staff turned a blind-eye as three children were victimized by a teacher. And that’s not acceptable.”

The lawsuit alleges that in addition to heinous sexual abuse crimes committed by the teacher, the school ignored the signs and enabled a predator to continue to have contact with the three young students. 

“We shouldn’t be here today. We shouldn’t be standing in this room with a complaint about a teacher who victimized young children. We shouldn’t be counting the ways that a school system ignored the signs… We shouldn’t have a school system that has more staff investigating sex crimes than the number of students in their average class room,” continued Attorney Bob Fioretti who is part of the family’s legal team. 

He was alluding  to one of the many stats that formed a backdrop for the press conference. The Chicago Public School Office of Inspector General created a team in 2018 that is made up of more than 30 staff members that solely investigate sexual allegations.

Seven attorneys lined the room, many outlining parts of the 162-point complaint filled with horrific details of the grooming and sexual abuse of the minors over an extended period of time.

“It is our intent to seek justice for these young people,” promised Cass T. Casper, another member of the family’s legal team as he began to update the media on the status of the case.

“We are fighting this case as aggressively as it takes so that our children will be safe in their schools. And if during this process, other families come forward, we will fight for them too,” promised Disparti.

Anyone who may have had an experience like this are encouraged to call (312) 600-6000 for assistance. A hotline is set up by the Disparti Law Group to assist the families of those who may have been abused.

See the full press conference here or on our YouTube channel.

Read the full complaint here:

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