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Florida Roads Pose Dangers for Pedestrian Accidents

A recent newspaper headline asked the question: Are Florida’s Roads Dangerous by Design?Tampa and other Florida cities are particularly dangerous for traffic accidents involving pedestrians. Florida has the highest rate of fatal pedestrians accidents in the nation. According to a news report, Florida transportation planners presented information to a legislative committee recently indicating Florida had [...]

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Florida Attempting to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

Florida recently overtook New York as the third most populous state. Unfortunately Florida long ago surpassed the Empire State in the number of people struck down in pedestrian accidents. More than 500 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in Florida in 2013, including 32 pedestrians in Hillsborough County and 26 in Pinellas County, according to [...]

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Clearwater Police Issue Warnings to Jaywalkers

The Tampa area is one of the most dangerous in the nation for pedestrians. As a result, police are cracking down on jaywalkers in an effort to reduce injuries and deaths from car accidents involving pedestrians, the Tampa Bay Times reports. In 2013, Pinellas County had 20 pedestrian fatalities and nine bicyclist deaths. This is [...]

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Tampa Looking to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Due to several recent pedestrian accidents, some community leaders in the Tampa area are calling for safety improvements. One road that is getting special attention is Hillsborough Avenue, reported recently. In March, a teenager was killed while crossing the street, and in early April, another teen was hit and critically injured. Tampa City Councilman [...]

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Legislation Addresses Safety of Kids Who Walk To School

Florida has become notorious for traffic accidents involving pedestrians. On average, about 500 pedestrians are killed and 8,000 injured each year, making Florida one of the worst states for pedestrian safety, according to The Tampa area in particular is considered dangerous for pedestrians, with the safety of children walking to school becoming a big [...]

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Clearwater Looks to Protect Pedestrians, Bicyclists

To help keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe, the Clearwater City Council recently accepted a High Visibility Enforcement Grant from the Florida Department of Transportation. Police plan to use the $29,036 grant to enforce pedestrian and bicycle traffic regulations, reported. Drivers may fail to see pedestrians or not be watching out for pedestrians at an [...]

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Pedestrian Fatalities Drop in Florida, U.S.

The number of pedestrians killed in traffic collisions across the U.S. dropped significantly in the first half of 2013, USA Today says, citing a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association. This comes after three straight years of increases in pedestrian deaths. Pedestrian fatalities dropped 8.7 percent during the first six months of 2013 from [...]

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Holidays Bring Rise in Pedestrian Accidents

Be careful crossing the street. Florida accidents involving pedestrians rise during end-of-year holiday weeks, Allstate Insurance Company says. Allstate says it looked at its auto insurance claims in Florida for the past five years and found that Christmas week had the greatest jump in claims involving pedestrians. The number rose 30 percent during Christmas week, [...]

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Improvements May Make Road Safer for Tampa Pedestrians

More than 1,400 people walk across Fletcher Avenue in Tampa each day, sometimes putting their lives at risk. The road is one of the most heavily used and dangerous in the area, the New Tampa Patch reported in July. Fletcher Avenue from Nebraska Avenue to 50th Street has one of the highest pedestrian injury rates [...]

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Gainesville Improves Pedestrian Safety

On average, every year in Florida 8,000 pedestrians are injured and 500 are killed. This makes Florida one of the most dangerous states in the country for pedestrians. However, one city in Florida is taking steps to make the city safer pedestrians, GTN News reported. Officials in Gainesville conducted a study of drivers, and discovered [...]

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