Will County Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses provide transportation for thousands of individuals each day as they commute back and forth to work, travel, and ride to and from school. Because of this, bus accidents can be particularly serious due to the potentially large number of bus passengers involved, as well as the sheer size and weight of a bus as compared to other motor vehicles. If you sustain injuries resulting from a bus accident caused by the negligent actions of another, a Will County bus accident lawyer may be able to advise you of your options. No matter how you are involved in a bus accident, you may have a claim against various parties for the injuries that you have suffered from the accident, and a dedicated personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Whether it is a public bus, charter bus, or school bus, accidents can happen on a frequent basis and result in significant injuries to various individuals. Some of the most common causes of bus accidents include driver negligence, poorly maintained vehicles, and faulty products. A bus accident lawyer in Will County may be able to assist with all types of bus accident claims.

Driver Negligence

Probably the most common cause of accidents involving buses is driver error. Bus drivers or drivers of other motor vehicles may violate traffic laws and cause serious accidents as a result. A Will County bus accident attorney may be able to help prove the elements of negligence that caused injuries to others and hold the drivers responsible for their actions.

In some situations, private bus charter companies, public school corporations, and municipal bus agencies fail to properly hire, train, or supervise their drivers. Those entities may also be responsible under the legal principles of vicarious liability for the damages sustained by injury victims involved in bus accidents.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles

Whether privately owned or part of a municipal government agency, entities offering bus services are responsible for maintaining their vehicles so that they are safe for drivers, riders, and other motorists. When a company or agency fails to adequately maintain a bus—for example, by failing to ensure that tires are properly inflated—they may be liable for injuries that result from any ensuing bus accidents.

Faulty Products

Bus malfunctions that lead to accidents may occur when a product or part of the bus is defective in some way. For instance, a faulty steering wheel design could result in liability for the manufacturer and distributor of the steering wheel if it leads to a bus accident.

Time Limits on Bus Accident Claims

Illinois law establishes time limits, or a statute of limitations, during which injury victims must file their claims for compensation related to a bus accident. According to 735 ILCS § 5/13-204, potential plaintiffs must file personal injury suits against all potential defendants within two years of the date of the accident. Those who fail to file claims within that timeframe may be unable to seek compensation for their injuries.

One exception to this rule, though, applies to cases involving government or state entities. If individuals who suffer injuries in a bus accident are seeking compensation from a school district, state college or university, or public transportation system run by a local government agency, they only have one year in which to file their claims. For questions about the applicable statutes of limitation for bus accidents, Will County bus accident lawyers may be able to assist those who have suffered injuries.

Seeking Advice from a Will County Bus Accident Attorney

When you sustain serious injuries in a bus accident, multiple parties may share liability under Illinois law, including drivers, bus companies, school districts, local government agencies, and even manufacturers and distributors of bus parts. Whether you can maintain a successful personal injury lawsuit against any or all of these individuals depends solely on the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation.

Major injuries can have a huge impact on different aspects of your life, including your ability to work and your needs for ongoing medical care. A Will County bus accident lawyer may be able to assist you in determining the viability of any claims related to your injuries and working to hold negligent individuals and entities accountable for their actions. Call today to schedule a consultation.