Any vehicular accident can be devastating and can result in injuries and property damage, but the risk of serious injury or even fatal injury is much higher when one of those vehicles is a motorcycle. This is because there is an extreme lack of protection for drivers of motorcycles compared to other vehicles, in which passengers are securely enclosed and drivers are often insulated from harm.

If you are injured from a motorcycle accident, contact a Wheaton motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to begin going over your legal options. A skilled personal injury attorney could stand up for your best interests and help you pursue the best possible strategy to receive the compensation you and your family deserve. En Español.

Motorcycle Injury Statistics

The numbers surrounding motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities are shocking. In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded over 88,000 injuries and almost 5,000 deaths in motorcycle-related accidents. To make matters worse, these figures are part of an upward trend in motorcycle accidents in recent years.

In Illinois alone, annual motorcycle accident injuries number near 3,000, and deaths from motorcycle crashes often total over 100 each year. Common injuries from non-fatal motorcycle accidents can include paralysis, burns, broken bones, head or brain trauma, and more.

Types of Evidence in Motorcycle Accident Cases

When litigating a motorcycle accident case, a skilled Wheaton motorcycle accident attorney may look for several kinds of evidence. Typically, they would take statements from eyewitnesses, gather the police report of the accident, look for any available video recordings of the accident, perhaps from local business cameras or traffic cameras. They may also bring an accident reconstructionist into the case who could take the available evidence and reconstruct the events of the crash to identify the likely cause or causes of the wreck.

A dedicated lawyer could also work to acquire evidence that specifically helps bolster their client’s claim for damages. This can include medical records of the injuries, medical bills, statements from the injured person’s employers regarding lost wages, and anything else that shows the extent of the damages the injured person has suffered.

Potential Compensation

Compensation can be awarded to injured motorcyclists for many different kinds of damages they may suffer. They can receive compensation for any monetary expenses that occur as a result of the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages due to their injuries, and physical damage to their motorcycle. They may also be able to receive compensation for intangible damages like pain and suffering, or the fact that they have become disabled and are no longer able to have the same quality of life.

In the worst cases, families of motorcyclists who are fatally injured in an accident can seek compensation for funeral expenses, the wages their loved one would have earned, and the emotional toll of experiencing a wrongful death. Given all these potential damages, a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in Wheaton could help maximize the amount compensation that the injured party may receive.

Get in Touch with a Wheaton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, it may be wise to make contacting a Wheaton motorcycle accident lawyer a top priority. The assistance of an experienced and compassionate attorney can be invaluable and may lead to much higher compensation than you might attain trying to pursue the case on your own. To start exploring your potential options for restitution, call today.

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