Wheaton Car Accident Lawyer

Every car accident is emotionally distressing, but the situation can become even more difficult when injuries result. Fortunately, a Wheaton car accident lawyer may be able to help. If you were injured or received significant property damage due to a car accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible so they can begin working toward the best possible resolution to your case. En Español.

Expert Testimony

In many car accident cases, it is necessary to seek testimony from at least one expert who can attest to the facts of the accident. This is one way in which an experienced car accident lawyer in Wheaton could help, as they often have connections with a variety of experts in different fields of study.

Examples of common experts who testify in car accident cases include accident reconstructionists, life-care professionals for permanent injuries, doctors or healthcare providers, and sometimes experts in the construction or manufacturing of vehicles.

Evidence in Car Accident Cases

Skilled Wheaton car accident attorneys can use many sources of evidence to bolster a client’s case. One common form of evidence is eyewitness testimony, which can be especially important for establishing distracted driving on the part of the at-fault driver—for example, if a witness saw the driver texting or eating food while driving.

Other evidence in these cases can include photographs of the accident, video recordings of the accident taken from traffic cameras or the cameras of nearby businesses, cellphone records to show evidence of texting while driving, the official police report of the accident, and more. Each case will have its own array of evidence, and a knowledgeable lawyer could help clients decide what kind of evidence is necessary to help their case.

Damages and Compensation

An injured person can receive several kinds of damages after a car accident in the form of civil compensation from the at-fault party. The most obvious damages are the economic ones that come with clear price tags, such as medical bills, lost wages, and the property damage to the vehicle. However, an injured person also can be compensated for non-economic issues like emotional distress due to their injuries, pain and suffering, and the loss of the ability to engage in a beloved pastime.

Under certain circumstances, courts in Wheaton may also assign punitive damages in car accident cases. This is compensation that the at-fault party must pay as a punishment for severely negligent or malicious actions, as well as a method of dissuading other people from engaging in those actions in the future. In car accidents, the most common way for punitive damages to enter into the case is when the at-fault party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What a Wheaton Car Accident Attorney Could Do

When filing a car accident claim, the assistance of a Wheaton car accident lawyer is often essential. An experienced attorney could help you meet all necessary deadlines for paperwork, bring in expert witnesses to reach an acceptable settlement, and argue passionately in court on behalf of their client.

If you are in a car accident, seeking dependable legal counsel should be your first move. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started exploring your options.