What You Should Ask a Potential Attorney

If you are looking for an attorney to handle your personal injury case in Chicago, you may easily feel overwhelmed by the number of possibilities. However, there are strategies for narrowing your search, including asking a few standard questions at the beginning of every interview. By limiting your questions to broad ideas, you can get a good sense of how an attorney works without devoting too much time to someone you may not commit to. The attorneys of the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers know that enlisting the help of the right attorney is important after you have been injured, and we believe that asking the right questions early on is a strategy that will help you.

Several Questions

You can typically gauge an attorney’s fit with you by asking a few simple questions. These are very broad in nature and include:

  • What kind of fees do you charge? Are they the same, win or lose?
  • Have you won cases like mine in the past? How many?
  • If I have a question during the case, how will I get in touch with you?
  • How do you handle enforcement of court orders?

These questions can help you determine if an attorney will meet your needs. If you like the answers, keep asking questions that pertain to your case; if not, it is easy at this point to move on.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

If you need to begin your search for the right personal injury attorney, start by speaking with a knowledgeable member of the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers legal team today. Contact our offices in Chicago by calling (813) 932-2942, and learn more about how we can put our experience to work for your case.