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What to Do If You Were Fired for Whistleblowing

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Sometimes when you report safety hazards that work for you speak up when a coworker is being harassed, some employers may retaliate against you for reporting violations and unlawful activity instead of understanding that you are just doing the right thing. Therefore, if you were fired or demoted because he reported violation, you can potentially file a claim under whistleblower protections and you can talk to your employment discrimination lawyers such as the ones available at Eric Siegel Law for help with your whistleblowing case.

But you may not fully understand what a whistleblower is, and essentially a whistleblower is somebody who reports dangerous to the employee health, safety, discrimination or other legal violations according to federal law that is being made by their employer. Some other examples about whistleblowing may be such actions as an employee reporting sexual harassment, discrimination, illegal pollution or criminal activity that is in their workplace.

Federal Whistleblower Protection

Federal and state have whistleblower protection laws to protect public and private employees who have reported violations of the laws and misconduct by their employers and have been retaliated against. You should speak with your employment discrimination law year if you believe that you have been fired for reporting something unlawful or harmful and that is happening in your workplace.

Federal environment whistleblower protection laws can include the Clean Air Act, Toxic Substance Control Act, the Pollution Prevention Act, and OSHA. These laws make it unlawful to take action against employees in retaliation for filing the claim reporting violations as they relate to the laws listed above.

Furthermore, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission otherwise known as the EEOC, protects workers who report discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and it can help an employee who is the victim of discrimination as well as other employees ever ordered discrimination against workers in the workplace. The EEOC protects workers who cooperate with any investigation ran by the EEOC involving discrimination or harassment from being retaliated against by the employer. If you believe that your employer is retaliating against you for something that you are reported under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you should talk to your employment discrimination lawyer and see if you have a case.

If you are fired, demoted or subject to adverse employment action because you have committed an act that is protected by whistleblower activities, you should be able to file a civil lawsuit to recover damages that may have happened because you are out of work. In some cases, you may be able to have your job reinstated and recover back pay that the company owes you.

When you are working with an employment discrimination lawyer, be upfront and honest about everything pertaining to your case so that they can advise the best strategy to get you what you need whether you are trying to get your job back are simply receive a settlement.

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