Workers in Trinity support Social Security programs through payroll taxes every pay period. Programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are supposed to provide benefits when hardworking employees suffer a disability and can no longer support themselves and their families. When the time comes to apply for benefits, workers are often shocked to have their claims denied.

The fact is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) applies its eligibility standards with rigid precision. Even applicants who qualify for benefits may have their claims denied if they fail to document their eligibility in a manner that fulfills the agency’s expectations.

A Trinity Social Security lawyer can assist when the agency denies a claim or discontinues benefits. Applicants also frequently elect to work with a personal injury lawyer right from the start of the application process to help present their evidence in the most persuasive light and avoid unnecessary delays.

Applying for Social Security Benefits

The SSA administers several different benefit programs, each with separate qualifications and target beneficiaries. Those seeking benefits may apply online for most programs, but not for survivor benefits. Applicants may also schedule an appointment to apply over the phone or in person at an SSA office near Trinity.

Before submitting an application, it is wise to review the eligibility requirements in detail. This process will not only help ensure that an applicant qualifies for benefits, but also provide a means to check to see whether the applicant has acquired all the supporting documentation necessary to demonstrate eligibility.

A Trinity Social Security disability lawyer could assist with the process of determining eligibility and preparing application materials. For instance, if an applicant is seeking benefits that require a showing of disability, an attorney could help obtain supporting evidence from a physician explaining how an applicant’s disability prevents them from performing basic tasks necessary to pursue gainful employment.

Types of Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits vary depending on the program involved and other factors, including the amount of income an applicant or qualifying worker earned while paying Social Security taxes. SSA pays several types of benefits, including:

  • Retirement benefits to workers aged 62 or older
  • SSDI benefits to disabled workers
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to individuals who are aged or disabled and have limited financial resources
  • Survivor benefits to spouses and families after the death of a provider

In many cases, spouses and dependents may be eligible to receive benefits in addition to the worker who established eligibility. A Trinity Social Security attorney could review a situation to determine whether an applicant and family members qualify for benefits.

When an Application is Denied

When the SSA denies an application for benefits, the system provides several avenues of appeal. However, each option must be exercised in order, and applicants must follow proper procedures.

First, an applicant may seek a reconsideration of the decision by SSA staff members. If the result is not satisfactory, the applicant may have the case heard by an administrative law judge in a formal hearing. The hearing often provides the best opportunity to demonstrate that an applicant qualifies to receive benefits, so applicants frequently seek assistance from a Trinity Social Security lawyer at this stage, if not before.

If the judge renders an unfavorable determination, the applicant may request a review by the Appeals Council. Finally, if the Council denies the claim or refuses to consider the case, an applicant may appeal the decision in federal court.

Contact a Trinity Social Security Attorney

The SSA is a large and complex organization with established standards and expectations. Failing to fulfill a technical requirement could cause an application to be denied, even in situations where an applicant meets all the qualifications. At the very least, mistakes can cause benefits to be delayed.

Assistance from an experienced Trinity Social security lawyer could prevent many mistakes and help an applicant receive benefits in a timely fashion. To learn how a Social Security attorney could help in your situation, call today for a consultation.

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