Motorcycling is a popular pastime in Florida, but accidents are all too common, and between 4000 and 5000 victims die in motorcycle accidents each year. If you were hurt in a motorbike crash, a skilled Trinity motorcycle accident attorney could help you investigate whether another party’s negligence caused your injuries. If so, a dedicated attorney could help you pursue compensation for your losses.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Trinity

There are many ways in which a motorcycle crash could occur, and the facts surrounding the accident could impact which party is liable for a victim’s damages. Some of the parties who could be considered negligent may include:

  • The entity who manages the roadways and is tasked with keeping them free of hazards
  • The product manufacturer whose motorcycle, helmet, auto parts, or other product failed to work as intended and ended up injuring the victim
  • The parent company of a commercial driver who caused the crash
  • The negligent driver and their insurer

No matter who caused or contributed to a motorcycle accident, a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in Trinity could look into what happened, and why.

Recoverable Damages

When an injured motorcyclist pursues compensation from the negligent party, they could be eligible for a variety of damages. Some of the available damages include compensation for economic losses, which are easily quantifiable. These can include medical bills from surgeries, hospital stays, skin grafts, rehabilitation, or other medical costs. Other economic costs could include lost wages or the cost of adapting a vehicle or home for a victim who is now disabled.

Motorcycle accident victims could also be eligible for coverage of their noneconomic damages, like pain and suffering or loss of the ability to pursue their interests, education, or career goals. These types of damages are referred to as noneconomic because they may not directly correlate with a monetary loss, but they are still considered compensatory damages nonetheless.

Pure Comparative Negligence

Florida operates under a rule called pure comparative negligence, meaning that each party is responsible for the victim’s damages in proportion to their fault in causing the crash. This means even victims who were partially at fault for their own injuries may still recover compensation from the other party, even if they were more than half responsible. At the same time, victims may have their recovery of funds reduced by the portion of fault they shared.

The comparative negligence rule sometimes comes into play if the victim failed to wear a motorcycle helmet. However, helmets are not required under Florida law so long as the motorcyclist is over age 21 and carries at least $10,000 in insurance. A Trinity motorcycle accident attorney could analyze a case to determine fault and build a defense against arguments of comparative negligence.

Consult an Experienced Trinity Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Suffering a motorcycle crash can be traumatic for victims and their families. If you are facing the aftermath of a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, an experienced Trinity motorcycle accident lawyer can help analyze the circumstances of your crash and determine who is responsible. You may be eligible for a wide range of personal injury damages, but it can be difficult to pursue litigation on your own. Contact a dedicated attorney today to discuss your situation.

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