Tampa SSDI Forms

When applying for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, there are many different forms the applicant must fill out. Tampa SSDI forms help give the Social Security Administration (SSA) more information regarding your situation and what benefits you may be eligible to receive. For more information about these forms and how an experienced legal professional could help you, reach out to a dedicated SSDI lawyer today.

What is Form SSA-16-BK

Form SSA-16-BK is an application for disability insurance benefits. It requests personal information, the reasons why an individual feels they are disabled, and their medical treatment information. This Tampa SSDI form initiates the disability determination process.

An individual will need to provide personal information such as their name, their Social Security number, their date of birth, address, and even their mother’s maiden name or place of birth. The disability section asks questions about when the individual stopped working and what their disabilities are. The medical information section asks which doctors they have treated with and what type of treatment they have received, such as medications or procedures. The work history section asks about what type of work they have performed in the last 15 years and whether or not they performed it full time.

The purpose of this form is to get the process started for the SSA. It is for them to ultimately be able to assess whether or not they can return to their past work or other types of work. It is what gives the SSA the bulk of information to start collecting details to assess the claim.

Work History Report

The work history report is a more detailed report that the claimant fills out. It details a person’s past job. Social Security is going to want to know what type of work they have performed within the last 15 years leading up to their disability.

The types of information required include job titles, companies they worked, the length of time they worked there, their rate of pay, their typical hourly or weekly work schedule, a description of their job duties, and the physical requirements to perform the job. For example, they would list how much weight they lift and carry, how long they sit, stand, and walk, and also if there were any additional responsibilities such as supervising people, hiring, or firing. They must give a very detailed report for each job title that they had within the last 15 years.

The purpose of this form is for Social Security to analyze whether or not a person can perform their past relevant work, and then ultimately whether they can perform any other work. In order for Social Security to assess whether they can perform their past relevant work, they have to know what their past relevant work is and that form gives them that information.

Medical Evidence Form

Form SSA-827-BK gives the Social Security Administration the authority to obtain a person’s medical evidence. The information required for the form includes the person’s name, date of birth, Social Security number, address, signature, and date. You can also designate what, if any, health information you would like protected from disclosure.

The form gives the Social Security Administration the authority to obtain the claimant’s medical evidence since medical information is protected under HIPAA laws and regulations. This form is indicating that they have given that right to Social Security to collect any medical evidence related to their claim for benefits. This may include mental health records or physical medical evidence, as well.

If you have any questions about Tampa SSDI forms and how a lawyer could help, reach out to a seasoned attorney today.