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Tampa Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Lawyer

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is meant to help those who are disabled. However, to be able to receive this assistance, a person must meet certain standards. A Tampa SSDI lawyer can explain the requirements and help a person determine whether they qualify. Throughout the process, an experienced injury attorney can help you build the strongest application possible.

What Is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social security disability insurance (SSDI), which is also known as disability insurance benefits (DIB), falls under Title II of the Social Security Act. It is disability coverage that applies when an individual has paid into social security, has become disabled, and can no longer work.

To receive the Title II disability insurance benefits, a person would have had to have enough work credits to qualify to receive those benefits and meet the legal definition of disability for social security purposes. Before receiving SSDI, a person also has to earn the necessary work credits. Usually, this means someone has to have paid into social security for about five of the last 10 years. It is also dependent upon the amount of money that they pay into social security.

The Difference Between SSDI and SSI

The monthly payment a person will receive with SSDI, should they qualify for those benefits, would include Medicare coverage as well as a benefit amount based on how much they have paid into social security. With supplemental security income or SSI, the monthly benefit amount could be more limited. Additionally, if someone qualifies for SSDI, they can still maintain an unlimited amount of assets, while the person collecting SSI has an ongoing duty to report any changes in assets or household income to the Social Security Administration.

SSDI and SSI also differ in the amount of money available. For example, if an individual has paid enough into social security, they may have a monthly benefit amount of $1,500. With SSI, that amount is capped around $750.

Receiving Benefits in Tampa

SSDI is a federal, nationwide program, but there are hearing offices and social security field offices in Tampa. An individual files their application through their local field office until the request may ultimately be transferred to a hearing office, which can be in either Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, or in the greater surrounding areas throughout Florida. The administration of the benefits and the qualification requirements are the same across the country.

The social security benefits are generally handled by the local field office of the Social Security Administration. The local office will take care of the disbursement of benefits, whether that is a direct deposit or a physical check.

The amount of social security disability insurance benefits is dependent on how much an individual has paid into social security. There is no time limit for how long someone can receive SSDI benefits, although someone who experiences medical improvement and/or returns to work may be taken off of social security disability benefits.

Get Help from a Tampa SSDI Attorney

An experienced Tampa security disability benefits lawyer can help you in several ways. The legal definitions of disability can be complicated, but an experienced attorney can help you navigate the system. Additionally, a lawyer with experience in Florida will know the judges and what each of them wants to see in a claim. Knowing the expectations of a judge can help them better prepare the case so that the person can have a more successful outcome. Call today to discuss how an attorney can help you.