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Filing for Tampa SSDI Benefits

Filing for Tampa SSDI benefits can feel overwhelming. However, an experienced SSDI attorney can guide you through the process. With their help, your claim may have the best chance of success so that you can get the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

How to File for Social Security Disability Benefits in Tampa

Most people file for Social Security disability insurance benefits online, although they can also go to their local field office and do it there as well. However, if a person is filing in person, they cannot go to any Social Security Administration office. It has to be the one that they are specifically affiliated with, which is determined by where they reside. The only advantage of filing in person is that they may have the help of someone who is completing the forms with them, although the SSA staff may not be as thorough or patient as an attorney would be.

If someone wanted to file it online, they would go to The main advantage of filing it online is that a person can start an application, save it, and come back to it. A lot of information is requested during the application process, and most people do not know what information is going to be asked of them. If they have to start an application and save it or walk away from it, they can do that when filing online. That is not something they can do if they go to their field office and file in person.

Necessary Medical Information for SSDI Applications

A claimant does not have to have their medical records readily available when filing for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. They do not need to provide that information to the SSA because it is the Administrations’ responsibility to obtain that evidence. As long as they tell SSA where they received treatment, the Administration can request and obtain the medical evidence.

However, they may need to supply medical information. The amount of time that someone needs to go back to their medical history depends on a person’s alleged onset date of disability. If they are alleging disability as of a certain date, then it is best that there is medical evidence to support that date. Additionally, if they have medical evidence for at least a year prior to that date, it is beneficial to understand someone’s medical history to even show how maybe their condition progressively got worse leading up to their alleged onset date.

if someone does not have access to all of their medical records, that is fine. It is going to be Social Security that is obtaining that information and, in the event that Social Security cannot obtain the medical information, then an attorney’s office can step in and work to obtain that medical evidence as well.

Should a Person Meet with a Healthcare Professional?

Someone should absolutely meet with a healthcare professional before filing for SSDI. If there is no medical evidence to support their allegations or their claim of disability, they may not be awarded. They have to be treating their mental or physical impairments in order to have the evidence to support disability. Additionally, if they are receiving treatment from a healthcare professional that supports their disability and that professional is willing to express that opinion in the medical evidence, then that is going to strengthen the claimant’s case as well.

Get Help Filing for Tampa SSDI Benefits

It is important to make sure an application is properly filled out when filing for Tampa SSDI benefits. This can help prevent issues that will delay or jeopardize your application. For the help you need, call today for a consultation.