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    Michael England
    Michael England

    Michael England



    Michael England

    Michael’s career both pre-legal and legal have focused on helping others – whether through acute sports medicine intervention or navigating the often complex and frustrating realm of Social Security disability. When Michael tells his client’s that “this is all I do”, he means it and he has never ventured outside the administrative disability field since becoming a member of the Florida Bar in 2011.

    Practice Areas

    Social Security Disability


    University of Florida 1993 – 1995

    Stetson University College of Law 2005 – 2009


    Florida Bar 2011 – Present

    About Michael England

    In his own words

    It has been my privilege to represent those who are often in their most desperate hour and who feel they’ve been abandoned with no else to turn to. I will always be there for my claimants, even when I’ve had my own health issues and have had to advocate from my hospital bed. I may not always prevail but I never give less than 100% of myself and attempt to exhaust every available avenue towards a favorable outcome. I’ve worked for a national legal “giant” and I’m forever thankful for the experience and opportunity I had to help others but “bigger isn’t always better” and I’ve found the environment at Disparti Law to be overwhelmingly conducive to my ongoing success and ability to help others.