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Oak Lawn Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Front-end car accidents are some of the most catastrophic crashes that may occur on the road. Since the point of impact is so large and directly in front of drivers and passengers, these types of collisions could lead to serious injuries and may often be fatal.

The consequences of these accidents could affect the individuals who were involved for the rest of their lives. Regardless of the severity of the accident, though, it may be possible to build a personal injury case with the help of an Oak Lawn front-end car accident lawyer. If you were hurt in a head-on car wreck and would like to explore your options for seeking compensation, a skilled car wreck attorney could review your case with you and help you pursue a financial settlement.

Determining Liability

Determining who is at fault for a car accident may usually be essential to receiving payments for injuries and losses caused by the collision. Some common factors that lead to front-end collisions could include:

  • Individuals driving in the wrong direction on a highway or street
  • A vehicle losing control due to malfunctioning tires or brakes
  • Use of a mobile phone while driving
  • Weather conditions such as snow, heavy fog, or sunlight

Generally, the motorist operating the vehicle that is traveling in the wrong lane or swerving into another vehicle, either intentionally or accidentally, may be considered at fault. Drivers are responsible for looking out for other vehicles and making sure they follow Illinois traffic laws.

Violating any one of these laws may result in severe penalties and fines in addition to a majority of liability in a civil case. An Oak Lawn front-end car accident lawyer could help individuals establish that such a violation occurred through examining the police report for the accident and gathering evidence to support that assertion.

Government Liability

In some cases, the local government for the area where the accident occurred may be the most liable party. Local and state governments have the legal duty to:

  • Keep roads safe for traveling
  • Regularly inspect roadways for hazards or defects
  • Repair and maintain roadways to address defects
  • Warn drivers of potentially dangerous conditions

When governments fail to meet these standards, front-end collisions may result.

Common Issues in Front-End Car Accident Cases

Illinois is not a no-fault insurance state, meaning the driver who is found at fault after a car accident could be held liable for damages sustained by other drivers regardless of the severity of those damages. If multiple parties are found at fault for the accident, then liability may be divided amongst them according to the principle of comparative negligence.

The state of Illinois also adheres to a strict time limit, called the statute of limitations, that applies to lawsuits arising from a car accident. An injured plaintiff has two years after the date of their accident to seek compensation for their injuries, barring certain exceptions. After this two-year period has passed, a potential plaintiff may have their case dismissed by the court.

Contacting a Front-End Oak Lawn Car Crash Lawyer

Following a front-end collision or any other type of car accident, it is highly advisable to discuss your legal options and rights with a seasoned Oak Lawn front-end car accident lawyer. An attorney who understands how to identify liable parties and pursue fair compensation for you could be an invaluable ally during such a difficult time. Call today to get started on your case.