Liability in Oak Lawn Bad Weather Car Accidents

There are many different factors that may contribute to liability in Oak Lawn bad weather car accidents. While dangerous weather conditions certainly may influence an accident, it may not be the sole reason why the accident occurred. If you experienced a car accident where dangerous weather played a role you may greatly benefit from meeting with a legal representative.

A dedicated lawyer could examine the facts surrounding the case and potentially work to determine which factors may impact liability. Schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case today.

Understanding Liable Parties and Damages

A person who has been injured during a car accident in poor weather conditions may wonder if they could be eligible to recover damages. This could be a possibility if an identified party acted negligently. While most individuals may believe the only parties which could be assigned fault would be the vehicles involved, liability could extend to other parties even if they were not present during the crash. For example, if the local government knew about a dangerous pothole or a crack in the road which degraded the safety of the street, they could potentially be held liable in court. Additionally, if a car manufacturer or auto body shop was careless during an inspection and failed to notice a serious flaw or mechanical issue, such as faulty brakes, they might be viewed as a potentially liable party. Someone who seeks compensation in such an accident could possibly receive damages for medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Negligent Actions Which May Have Contributed to Crash

While poor roadway and weather conditions may often contribute to a vehicle collision, some other factors may include:

  • Driving too fast for the weather conditions
  • Failing to properly maintain their vehicle
  • Driving while intoxicated or impaired
  • Texting while driving

Exceeding the speed limit, especially in poor weather conditions could put a driver, their passengers and other individuals on the roadway at risk for experiencing a car accident. This type of accident could have damage which may range from minimal to severe. To avoid an accident due to speeding, a person may want to consider operating their vehicle slowly as they may have less reaction time to brake when road surfaces are slippery. In addition, failing to properly maintain a vehicle could put a person at risk for a car accident. For example, a faulty steering system could cause a severe accident and may prevent a driver from operating in a safe manner. Furthermore, a person should generally refrain from drinking and driving. Such negligence may also incur criminal charges as driving while intoxicated is typically considered illegal.

Contact a knowledgeable attorney who is well-versed in the liability of Oak Lawn bad weather car accidents and arrange an appointment for a legal consultation. This could potentially help identify if another driver acted negligently and caused the accident. A lawyer could launch their own investigation to help demonstrate the recklessness of another party during the incident.

An Attorney May Help Determine Liability in Oak Lawn Bad Weather Car Accidents

Finding a lawyer who understands liability in Oak Lawn bad weather car accidents could be vital to a person’s case. At first glance, a person may assume that a bad weather car accident may not have a liable party who could be held accountable in court. However, a skilled injury attorney could review the information collected through traffic cameras and police reports to help determine if another party acted negligently. If you were involved in a car accident where poor weather contributed to the crash, schedule an appointment with a lawyer to discuss potential legal strategies.