Oak Lawn Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

Drivers of car and trucks face risks each time they operate on the roadway. Distracted or intoxicated driving, mechanical defects and the overall negligence of other drivers present a person with significant risk, while some of those factors may be avoidable, bad weather conditions which could reduce or limit someone’s ability to operate their vehicle safely may be inevitable. Someone who has experienced a collision where bad weather contributed, they may find it strongly advantageous to work with an Oak Lawn accidents involving bad weather lawyer.

A dedicated injury lawyer could examine the case facts and potentially help demonstrate how the poor weather conditions may have contributed to the incident. Schedule an appointment today and begin identifying legal options that may apply to your case.

Increased Risk Factors for Bad Weather on Oak Lawn Roads

Because of its location near Lake Michigan, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Oak Lawn has what is called lake-effect snow. When it snows, it is blown over Lake Michigan collects more moisture in the air due to the lake, and may increase the amount of snow and the actual size of the snowflake. Road conditions in Oak Lawn may change quickly and dramatically. Sometimes people misjudge the amount of snow that could fall and may face a slippery drive. In many cases, melted snow could turn into ice and cause severely poor conditions on the roadway.

The city of Oak Lawn typically does a lot to anticipate snow-covered roads and address potential concerns with snowplows and salt trucks. However, the snow removal teams are generally focused on the major thoroughfares and could take longer to remove and treat roads that experience less traffic.

Streets can remain extremely dangerous, covered with snow and ice, for many days. Snowfall in Oak Lawn can occur in high volumes in a short period of time and this is commonly due to its proximity to Lake Michigan.

A person who was injured in a car accident that took place under poor weather conditions may want to speak with an accomplished Oak Lawn accidents involving bad weather lawyer. Understanding potential legal options and how they may impact a case could positively influence someone’s case in court.

Safe Driving Tips for Operating in Inclement Weather

When driving in poor weather conditions, a person operating a vehicle may want to adjust their style of driving and adhere to certain precautions to avoid collisions. These may include:

  • Removing thick layers of ice and snow from the top of the vehicle before driving
  • Clearing windshields (front and back) and side windows completely of snow, ice, or debris
  • Avoiding the temptation of closely following snow removal vehicles
  • Driving slowly and cautiously
  • Braking early and often
  • Slowing down before a turn or a curve
  • Refraining from tailgating other vehicles

Maintaining a vehicle in good condition and checking the quality of tires, breaks and windshield wipers before driving could significantly reduce a person’s chance for an accident. In some cases and when possible, a person may want to avoid driving during poor weather conditions. Taking a train or simply staying off the roadway until conditions clear up could substantially decrease someone’s risk of experiencing an accident in bad weather.

Potential Initial Steps Following a Bad Weather Accident

Once the occupants of the vehicle are safe, a driver or another passenger should typically call 911 to alert law enforcement. If possible, a person may want to document the scene by taking photos. Someone could photograph:

  • The roadway
  • Where the car left the roadway (if it did leave the roadway)
  • Any marks on the highway from breaking or swerving
  • Any marks that may have come from the tires marking the highway just before the accident
  • The vehicles
  • The damage to the vehicles
  • The surrounding area where the vehicle ended up and everything in between

Additionally, they may want to call an Oak Lawn accidents involving bad weather lawyer. An injury attorney could help identify the cause or contributing factors to such an accident.

Consult an Oak Lawn Accidents Involving Bad Weather Attorney

A car accident that occurs due to poor weather could result in serious injury and extensive property damage. Seek the legal services of an adept Oak Lawn accidents involving bad weather lawyer who could evaluate the incident and potentially help determine a person’s next best course of action. Call today and schedule an appointment.