Personal injuries caused by another person’s negligence are compensable under the law. If you suffered injuries in an accident that was not your fault, a New Port Richey personal injury lawyer might be able to help.

An experienced attorney could assist by investigating the cause of your accident, filing a claim or lawsuit against the responsible parties, and making a damage claim on your behalf. With help from an experienced personal injury law firm, you could hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions and pursue the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Filing a Timely Lawsuit

In New Port Richey, accident victims generally have four years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit arising out of personal injuries. If the accident victim does not file suit within that four-year time period, they will not be eligible to make a claim for damages at any point in the future. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations

By hiring an experienced New Port Richey personal injury attorney, accident victims could assemble evidence and present their claims in a timely manner.

Filing a Claim

Personal injury claims can arise from many different scenarios. To file any type of claim, the accident victim must demonstrate that the responsible party acted unreasonably under the circumstances. The victim also needs to demonstrate that they suffered physical injuries from their accident.

In the case of motor vehicle collisions, accident victims must first exhaust their available personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for medical bills and lost wages. However, if victims suffer a permanent injury in the accident, or their damages amount to more than $10,000, they could pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

A New Port Richey accident lawyer could conduct an independent investigation to determine the responsible party and present a compelling case. They could guide victims through every step of the litigation process.

Potential Damages Available to Victims

Accident victims may be able to recover money damages for a variety of losses in a New Port Richey personal injury case. Compensable damages could include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of ability to work
  • Mental distress
  • Loss of consortium.

The accident victim could also pursue damages for permanent disability, loss of use of a body part, or for permanent disfigurement if they suffered serious and debilitating injuries in their accident.

A New Port Richey personal injury lawyer could help victims calculate a fair value for their damages and hold the responsible party accountable.

Contact a New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered a serious injury due to another’s negligence, you deserve to recover monetary compensation for the injuries, time, aggravation, and suffering you had to endure. Insurance claims adjusters often try and settle personal injury cases for as little money as possible.

Consequently, you want an experienced personal injury attorney negotiating and advocating for you. Reach out to a New Port Richey personal injury lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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