Being injured on the job can cost you weeks or even months out of work, threatening your livelihood as well as your personal health. Illinois and federal law mandates that your employer provide compensation for medical bills and other expenses related to injuries you suffer in the course of your work duties.

Unfortunately, disputes over workers’ compensation claims do occur, as many employers and insurers seek to avoid or prolong payment, but a personal injury attorney could help you explore your options for contesting denials of benefits. If you suffer an injury while on the job, the most important step after seeking proper medical attention may be to contact an experienced Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you are able.

Who Pays Expenses for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Essentially, workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that is mandated for most employers. According to the guidelines set forth by the Illinois General Assembly in 820 ILCS 305, this includes state and local governments as well as both public and private employers. Individual and corporate employers both must provide employees with workers’ compensation.

There are some exemptions from this requirement, the biggest of which is for employees of the federal government. However, though they are excluded from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, they are covered under a separate federal law. The legal requirements of workers’ compensation are complex and contain many different facets, so it is usually best to consult with a Lake County workers’ compensation attorney to learn how the law applies to specific cases.

What is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

There are several ways in which an injured employee can be compensated through workers’ compensation. These benefits may vary in value and availability depending on the circumstances, but a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lake County could work with an individual plaintiff to determine what they should be entitled to receive.

Medical Costs

The primary way that workers’ compensation helps employees is by paying for expenses incurred as a result of the jobsite injury. 100 percent of medical costs should be covered through an accepted workers’ compensation claim.

Total Disability Claims

Though an injured worker must submit evidence of a total disability prior to receiving payment, both temporary and permanent total disabilities can be covered under workers’ compensation. A disabled worker may receive a weekly sum of two-thirds of their average pre-injury wage.

Permanent Partial Disability Claims

In some cases, an injured worker may retain the ability to work while losing some functionality in a body part. If this happens, the worker may be entitled to a lump sum to compensate them for their injury. The specific sum depends on the specific body part that remains permanently disabled, but once again, consulting with Lake County workers’ compensation attorneys could help plaintiffs determine an appropriate amount of compensation for their disability

Wage Differentials

If a worker loses the ability to return to their former position or perform their previous job requirements after a workplace injury, they may still be able to take on a new role with their employer. If the new job pays less than the injured person’s original position, they may be able to receive compensation totaling two-thirds of the difference between the two wages.

Retraining Costs

It may be the case that an injured worker requires new training and is unable to return to the type of work they previously performed. In these instances, workers’ compensation may pay for the worker’s retraining costs.

Survivorship Benefits

Finally, there are some unfortunate cases in which a worker dies as a result of an on-the-job injury. In these tragic cases, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to the employee’s surviving spouse and dependents.

Reach Out to a Lake County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you suffer an injury while working, do not hesitate to contact a Lake County workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Even if your employer does intend to provide the required compensation and does not wish to fight the case, an experienced attorney could help ensure you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.

If you are gainfully employed in almost any job in Lake County, you have worked for and deserve workers’ compensation benefits, and you are entitled to receive compensation after an injury at work under Illinois law. Call today to get started on your case.

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