The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be one of the most important and difficult decisions that a person ever has to make. Because of the repercussions of this action, it is vital that people facing this choice perform research into each potential facility and its record for resident care.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes and assisted care facilities in Lake County fail to meet their obligations to properly care for their residents. This can result in a resident becoming injured due to either neglectful care or intentional abuse. In either event, a nursing home is responsible to compensate a resident for their injuries when they fail in their duty to care for their wellbeing.

A seasoned attorney could help residents and their families to demand compensation for their losses. A Lake County nursing home abuse lawyer can help with restitution for the payment of medical bills as well as monetary payments for any mental anguish suffered in the incident.

Obligations of Nursing Homes Under the Law

All nursing homes in Illinois have a duty to protect their residents from any foreseeable harm. The concept of whether harm is foreseeable can be complex, but in general nursing homes are held to a very high standard of care.

This is because the nursing home is supposed to provide everything needed to sustain the physical and mental health of their residents. Any failure to do so, such as not providing a proper diet, failing to administer necessary medications, or not providing proper grooming services, may lead to a serious injury from neglect.

Other injuries can be the result of intentional abuse. While nursing homes have a duty to ensure that their staff are properly trained and vetted prior to coming into contact with residents, it is a sad fact that many nursing homes employ staff who have a history of violence of abuse. Residents in nursing homes make easy targets for such predators, and if this abuse results in a physical injury, the nursing home may be held liable by a dedicated Lake County nursing home abuse lawyer.

Common Examples of Injuries that Can Occur in Nursing Homes

People who are residents in nursing homes are already in a frail condition. Their medical issues already require around-the-clock nursing care, and many cannot provide for their own welfare. Because of this, any injury that affects their wellbeing may be greatly magnified.

One common source of nursing home injuries is slips and falls. Something as simple as taking a shower or walking down a corridor can become a dangerous chore to someone in poor health. Staff in nursing homes are supposed to assist with these activities and the nursing home itself should provide handrails and other safety equipment. Slips in showers or corridors can result in separated joints or broken bones.

Injuries may also come about from ineffective nursing care. Many residents in nursing homes are unable to get out of bed without assistance. As a result, these people must be turned every few hours to prevent bed sores. The appearance of a bed sore is almost certainly an example of nursing home neglect.

No matter the exact source of the injury, residents and their families—as well as any Lake County nursing home abuse lawyer they choose to retain—have only a limited time to act. Illinois law strictly controls when a court is allowed to hear a case. Known as the statute of limitations, 735 ILCS 5/13-202 says that any personal injury claim must be in court within two years of the discovery of the injury.

Contact a Lake County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

All people have the right to be free from fear and to be treated with dignity, and this especially applies to residents of nursing homes. Nursing homes have an absolute duty to protect their residents from all foreseeable harm. This includes harm due to their own negligence as well as harm inflicted by abusive staff.

A Lake County nursing home abuse lawyer could assist you with pursuing at-fault nursing homes for their injuries. They could work to gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and file complaints that demand maximum compensation for your injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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