Motorcycles offer many travelers in Lake County a fun and efficient way to get around. As an offset to this feeling of freedom, though, motorcyclists are afforded little protection in event of an accident. While a helmet may protect their heads in the event of minor accidents, simply being thrown from the seat can result in life-changing injuries.

Whenever these injuries come about as the result of another driver’s negligence, an injured biker has the right to demand compensation. This compensation may demand payment for not just medical bills, but also for any lost wages and mental suffering.

An experienced Lake County motorcycle accident lawyer understands Illinois law as it applies to motorcycle accident cases. If retained, a seasoned attorney could stand up to aggressive insurance companies on your behalf to demand every dollar to which you may be entitled.

Proving Negligence in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Many drivers on the roads in Illinois do not give bikers the respect that they deserve. They may believe that because the biker is in a vulnerable position, or because they are not driving a full-size vehicle, that the usual rules of the road do not apply. This could not be further from the truth.

All motorists, no matter the type of vehicle they are driving, have a duty to protect all other people that they may encounter while on the road. This includes motorcyclists. Because of this, drivers must yield to motorcyclists in intersections and give them the right of way when appropriate, as well as check blind spots when changing lanes.

It follows that bikers who are injured in accidents caused by other another driver’s negligence have the right to demand compensation. However, they must provide evidence that the defendant’s driving was so poor as to violate the duty of protection. Finally, they must connect the breach of duty to their physical injuries. A Lake County motorcycle accident lawyer could assist a plaintiff with gathering this evidence to bolster their case.

Finally, a plaintiff must be sure to act quickly. Illinois law strictly controls when a court may hear a case. Even if a plaintiff hopes to end a case with a settlement before going to trial, defendants may be unwilling to negotiate a settlement if the statute of limitations has expired. According to 735 ILCS 5/13-202, the time limit to file a claim is two years.

Types of Injuries in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle accidents cases can result in some of the harshest injuries seen in personal injury law, primarily because the rider is in such a vulnerable position. Even slight contact can cause a motorcyclist to fall from their seat.

If they are lucky, they simply fall to the pavement, but unlucky riders may be trapped under their own bike, under the defendant’s car, or be thrown into oncoming traffic. Either way, bikers are fortunate if they are able to walk away from these accidents.

Typical compensable injuries may include:

  • Severe cuts and scrapes from sliding on pavement
  • Burns
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Spinal cord injuries

No matter the severity of the injury, the defendant driver is responsible to pay for all medical costs if they are at fault for the accident. In addition, defendants are also liable to pay for any lost wages or mental anguish suffered in the collision. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Lake County could help properly value such claims and demand appropriate compensation.

Reach Out to a Lake County Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

Motorcycle accidents can leave victims scared and confused. They may not understand their rights under Illinois law or not want to deal with the aggravation that comes with fighting the insurance company. They may simply wish to move on with as little hassle as possible.

A Lake County motorcycle accident lawyer could stand up for your rights while allowing you to concentrate on what is important to you. They understand the tactics employed by insurance companies and move quickly to fight back.

An attorney could work to conduct an independent investigation of your crash, complete the necessary paperwork, and ensure your case is put forward in a powerful and compelling way. Call today to see how they could help you.

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