Holiday Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs usually make for great pets, but although most are domesticated, they are still powerful animals that can cause tremendous damage. If a dog bites you or a loved one and causes significant harm, the owner of that dog may be liable to pay compensation for the injuries you suffer. The best option for people injured by an animal attack is usually to contact a Holiday dog bite lawyer as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Not only is this a good idea to strengthen the merits and viability of a potential claim, but a diligent personal injury attorney may be able to help coordinate medical care as well.

Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases

Unless certain circumstances are present in a dog bite incident, an owner could be held liable in court for the injuries their pet causes. Florida Statutes §767.04 lists several of these mitigating circumstances.

Outside of these extenuating circumstances, a dog owner is liable to pay compensation for the injuries inflicted by their dog. This is true regardless of the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s violent past. Since these factors may be difficult to navigate or prove in court, getting in touch with a skilled Holiday dog bite lawyer is usually in a potential plaintiff’s best interests.

Presence of a Sign

Liability may be limited if the owner displayed a sign warning the public about the dog’s biting hazard. The sign must have the words “bad dog” on it, and even then, liability is only diminished if the injured person is over the age of six.


If the injured person was trespassing on private property and did not have permission to enter the property, the owner may not be considered liable for the injury.


If the injured person provoked the dog to attack them, they may bear some liability themselves. In these cases, the total compensation available to the injured person would be reduced proportionately based on the percentage of fault or negligence attributed to them.

Extreme Injuries and Death

If a dog bite causes severe injuries or death, there may be severe civil consequences. For example, a dog previously classified as “dangerous” may be euthanized after a subsequent attack. Even if a dog has not been classified as dangerous, it may still be euthanized if its bite causes an extreme or fatal injury to an attack victim.

In these cases, the dog owner has the right to file for a hearing to plead for their dog. The dog owner is responsible for paying for the dog’s boarding and impoundment and has ten days to request the hearing before the dog may be put down.

Additionally, cases involving attacks by dangerous dogs often assume the negligence of the dog owner, since extra precautions must be taken for a dog that already has a history of violence. As a result, the dog owner may face criminal charges as well as a civil claim from the injured party. Any person bitten by a dog should discuss possible legal approaches with a qualified Holiday dog bite lawyer.

Speak with a Holiday Dog Bite Attorney

If a dog injures you or a loved one, get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. You and your family should be focused on recovering from the injury, and you should not have to expend extra energy dealing with legal paperwork and stressing over your claim.

A knowledgeable Holiday dog bite lawyer may be able to assist you by filing your claim within the statute of limitations, compiling evidence of damages like lost wages and hospital bills, advising you about how to respond to questions from a defendant’s attorney, and more. Call now to start working toward the compensation your family needs.