Florida Cities Have Worst Drivers

Slate.com recently conducted an investigation to determine which U.S. city has the worst drivers, and the news isn’t good for Florida.

Looking at reports, studies, and information from insurance companies and various agencies, Slate concluded that three Florida cities – Miami, Hialeah and Tampa – are among the five U.S. cities with the worst drivers. Philadelphia and Baltimore were also in the top five.

Slate used four main indicators: Years between traffic crashes, driving fatalities, driving deaths related to alcohol and pedestrians struck.

With the most driving fatalities and pedestrian accidents, Miami ranked No. 1.

Hialeah, which was fourth on Forbes’ 2012 list of worst driving cities, was No. 3 in Slate’s rankings because of its high rate of fatalities and pedestrian strikes.

And Tampa was right behind at No. 4, ranking poorly in years between accidents, traffic deaths, fatalities related to intoxicated driving, and pedestrian strikes.

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