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As a personal injury lawyer from the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group can share, working a case is unbelievably stressful. Not only have you suffered injuries that you are recovering from, but you must also relive the incident multiple times in order to relay what happened to your lawyer, insurance companies, and more. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will be able to help you navigate through a case in a way that best protects your overall health — which includes providing places you can visit to take a break from your case to protect your mental health. Our personal injury lawyers have provided a list of their favorite locations below. Enjoy a mini vacation, and then contact Disparti Law Group for help.

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The Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group specializes in personal injury law. While our lawyers are ready to take on any sort of injury case, we do have staff members that specialize as a car accident lawyer, bicycle accident lawyer, and even a wrongful death lawyer. Our personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve. They will conduct an investigation into your case, collect evidence, talk to witnesses, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent your interests in court if it comes to that.

While every injury case starts with a negligent person, each type of case does have its own nuances. When working with a car accident lawyer, it’s important to share details about your own vehicle during a crash. Any sort of defect can be used against you in a case to claim your car caused the accident. When working with a bicycle accident lawyer, you will need witnesses or even video recording of the event to prove the car was negligent in the situation. When working with a wrongful death lawyer, be sure to bring along the death certificate of your loved one and as much information as possible that lead to their death.

Knowing the ins and outs of different injury cases can seem stressful, but a qualified personal injury lawyer from the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group will be able to guide you and protect you from as much stress as possible. However, our knowledgeable attorneys understand that each case will always have some stress involved, which is why they suggest visiting these fun places around town:

Burnidge Forest Preserve Paul Wolff Elgin IL Burnidge Forest Preserve / Paul Wolff Elgin IL

Located just one hour and ten minutes away from the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group, the Burnidge Forest Preserve is home to plenty of fun activities and places to stay such as the Paul Wolff Campground. The campground is open for the summer months only. Each campsite is complete with a parking pad and fire ring. Specialty camping spaces include electricity, water, and horse facilities if you want to camp with your equine friend, as our own car accident lawyer often does when they are in need of a break from a particularly stressful case.

The preserve is made up of over 600 acres of land with around nine miles of hiking trails for visitors. These trails are available to everyone from hikers to cyclists to horse riders, which make them perfect for people working with a car accident lawyer. After your very traumatic accident, it may be hard to get around with your injuries. The trails at the Burnidge Forest Preserve provide many accessible options. Plus, they are filled with beautiful wildlife that is sure to take your breath away. Escape the city for several days and lose yourself in nature, then contact a personal injury lawyer at the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group for help.

Lords Park Elgin IL Lords Park Elgin IL

Located just over one hour away from the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group, Lords Park Elgin IL is made up of over one hundred wooded acres. Perfect for those that like to be active, Lords Park features basketball courts, baseball fields, nature trails, playground, sand volleyball court, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Plus, it features a pavilion and shelter with electricity so you can bring the entire family along for a picnic. You are sure to find something at the park to take your mind off your case with a bicycle accident lawyer.

If being active hits a little too close to home after an accident, our bicycle accident lawyer recommends checking out the Zoo or the museum, also contained within Lords Park. The zoo features farm animals, so be sure to bring kiddos along to learn all about farm animals. The museum at Lords Park features many different exhibits from local fossils to Native American artifacts. The museum also provides various courses you can take. Do not forget to check out their event calendar to see what else is on the agenda. After you enjoy a day in the park, learn more about animals at the zoo, or take a step back into history at the museum, contact a personal injury lawyer at the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group for help.

Wing Park Elgin IL Wing Park Elgin IL

Located just over one hour away from the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group, Wing Park Elgin IL is the ultimate summer destination. In the warmer months, Wing Park opens up the Wing Park Bandshell and provides live music. Enjoy nature and music together at this park, and celebrate the life of the loved one you lost, if you are working with a wrongful death lawyer. The park is also home to picnic areas, where you can hold celebrations of life to commemorate your loved one.

Or, if you want to spend a fun day doing activities to get your mind off your case with a wrongful death lawyer, try the sand volleyball court, basketball court, golf course, aquatic center, hiking trails, or the playground with your kids. Grab your family and friends to enjoy the great outdoors and a friendly competition playing volleyball, basketball, or even baseball. Then, cool down at the swimming pool in the aquatic center. Do not forget, there is also a shelter available for a picnic or family barbeque. Enjoy your day in Wing Park, and when you are ready, contact a personal injury lawyer at the Elgin IL law firm of Disparti Law Group for help.

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