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DuPage County Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries can be a devastating experience, often resulting in severe disfigurement and discomfort. If you have experienced a burn injury, a DuPage County burn injury lawyer is available to help you.

A burn injury, as well as the other effects of fire such as smoke inhalation, can have catastrophic consequences that can last a lifetime. As such, it is important to seek all the assistance available to you to effectively seek the compensation you deserve. A qualified catastrophic injury attorney could work with you in the aftermath of a burn injury to do just that.

Types of Burn Injuries

According to the American Burn Association, 486,000 burn injuries occurred in the United States during 2016. Though the survival rate of burn injury is often high, the long-term consequences of a burn can still be severe.

Burn injuries can be the result of many different accidents and dangerous situations. Some examples of potential causes for burn injuries in DuPage County include fires in the home, industrial fires, car crashes, chemical fires, explosions, electrocution, product defects, and many more.

Generally, there are a few typical kinds of burns a person can sustain. These kinds of burns include:

  • Chemical burns, which result from exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Thermal burns, which result from exposure to extreme heat such as fire
  • Electrical burns, which result from exposure to any number of electrical sources
  • Inhalation injuries, which result from breathing in toxic fumes or smoke

Severity of Burn Injuries

The severity of a burn depends on how much tissue has been damaged, which itself can greatly affect the amount of disfigurement and pain which results from the burn. First-degree burns only affect the outer layer of the skin, whereas second-degree burns typically result in the first and second layer of skin being affected. A third-degree burn is the most severe variety and involves damage to all layers of skin.

Filing a Burn Injury Claim

735 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/13-202 allows for a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Though the statute of limitations may begin to run out once the injury is sustained, sometimes it may take time for the injury to be realized. It is therefore often essential to work with a burn injury attorney in DuPage County who could help ensure a potential plaintiff files their personal injury claim in a timely manner.

There is often an unforeseen amount of cost attached to a burn injury. Often, the medical bills alone can be staggeringly expensive. Beyond this, the potential for loss of wages, the emotional and psychological toll, the loss of enjoyment in certain activities, possible life care, and many other damages may result from a burn injury. Fortunately, a knowledgeable DuPage County burn injury lawyer could assist with seeking compensation for all these injuries and losses.

Contacting a DuPage County Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are not uncommon occurrences, and their effects can, unfortunately, last a lifetime. Given the amount of potential causes for burns, it is impossible to know in advance if a serious burn injury can happen to you.

If you or a loved one have sustained a burn injury, though, you do not need to go through the aftermath alone. A DuPage County burn injury lawyer could help you pursue all the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.