Supplemental Security Income Attorney Chicago, ILThe Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program can be a critical resource for adults and children who suffer from disabilities and, therefore, have limited income and resources. Designed to help people who are unable to work, SSI provides funding to cover costs for basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

When a disability prevents someone from gaining employment, SSI is incredibly important in giving people access to basic resources. The  attorneys at the Disparti Law Group , have the experience and understanding to help people receive the SSI benefits that they need. Our lawyers understand how difficult and complicated the application process can be, and we are ready to assist clients in pursuing SSI benefits.

Supplemental Security Income Cases We Cover

The lawyers at the Disparti Law Group , can help you determine whether you are eligible to receive SSI benefits. Additionally, if you are eligible, our lawyers can assist you in filing a claim. SSI claims are organized into two basic categories:

  • Adult Disability Benefits
  • Child Disability Benefits

Receiving SSI benefits can be invaluable to the well-being of you and your family. The attorneys at the Disparti Law Group , understand that many people need access to these resources as quickly as possible, which is why we do our best to help expedite the process for our clients.

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If you think you may be eligible to receive SSI benefits, the attorneys at the Disparti Law Group, can evaluate your eligibility as well as help you work through any filing and appeals difficulties you may encounter. To speak with one of our skilled attorneys, call (813) 932-2942. today.

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    "They have changed my life. I worried everyday about being homeless an struggle with health care. Thanks to their knowledge, an their staff. They gathered all my health info, kept in communication with me, and do things in a timely manner. I did get my disability, after 7 yes wasted with another attorney. I highly recommend them!"
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