Following traffic rules and regulations is generally an important part of preventing car accidents. In many collisions, drivers fail to adhere to traffic regulations and their negligence may result in significant injuries and property damage. If you were injured because a driver recklessly failed to yield, consider speaking with a Cook County failure to yield car accident lawyer.

A professional car accident attorney could review the circumstances surrounding the crash and work to establish the liability of another party. This may involve launching a parallel investigation, reviewing police reports and potentially speaking to experts about the details of the accident.

Understanding a Failure to Yield Violation

Failure to yield is generally identified in statute 625 ILCS 5/11-904 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, Vehicle Entering Stop or Yield Intersection. The statute commonly states that the preferential right of way at an intersection may be indicated by a stop or yield sign as authorized by Section 11-302. It also may discuss the common rule that when two vehicles approach an unmarked and unrestricted intersection that the vehicle to the right generally has the right of way. A person who operates there vehicle with disregard to these stipulations could face traffic citations and potentially cause a serious car accident.

Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Accidents

Establishing liability after a failure to yield car accident may be complicated especially if the vehicles arrived at the intersection at the same time. Traditionally, if the damage to one car is on the front end and the damage to the other car is on the driver’s side rear quarter panel, that generally makes it appear that the car that was hit on the side was almost all the way through the intersection as the other car entered the intersection late and struck them with the front of their car. The vehicle with the front end damage typically is viewed as at fault and generally should have yielded to the car with the rear quarter panel damage.

Common Factors in Failure to Yield Collisions

There are various factors that may influence a failure to yield car accident in Cook County. Some of these contributing factors may include:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Ignoring traffic signals or signs
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Attempting to make a turn on a red light
  • Entering an intersection late or while another vehicle is still crossing
  • Merging recklessly onto or off of a ramp

When a driver engages in careless operating procedures, they potentially could be found at fault if their negligence causes an accident. A person who has suffered an injury due to a reckless driver who failed to yield could significantly benefit from seeking the legal counsel of a Cook County failure to yield car accident lawyer.

Contacting a Failure to Yield Car Accident Attorney in Cook County

If you sustained serious injuries or property damage following a failure to yield collision, consider meeting with a proactive Cook County failure to yield car accident lawyer. They could work to assess your claim and potentially help file the correct paperwork. Schedule an appointment to begin discussing viable legal solutions.

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