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Cicero Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

A hit and run car wreck is when the at-fault driver flees the scene of an accident. In Illinois, a person whose vehicle was hit by a hit and run driver could file an uninsured motorist claim, meaning they have a claim against their own insurance company to recover for their injuries. Uninsured motorist coverage is required if the person has liability insurance, and the minimum requirement is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. After a hit and run collision, the individual has an immediate requirement to create a police report and present a claim to the insurance company regarding that hit-and-run accident within 30 days.

A Cicero hit and run accident lawyer could help you recover damages if you were injured in a wreck, and the at-fault party fled the scene. Call a seasoned car wreck attorney today and set up a consultation.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Hit and Run Car Wrecks

One of the most common patterns of behavior associated with hit and run accidents is that the other driver who fled the scene of the crash is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There have been cases in which the driver gets out of the vehicle and literally runs from the scene, leaving their vehicle behind. Usually, however, they speed away from the accident to avoid coming in contact with the police and being arrested for being under the influence.

Another common factor associated with hit and run car collisions is the at-fault has a warrant for their arrest. They leave the scene because they do not want to face criminal charges.

How are Hit and Run Accidents Different From Other Car Collision Cases?

The most significant difference between hit and run accidents and other types of auto accidents is the Illinois uninsured motorist claim against their own insurance carrier instead of going through the court system. The claim will be covered under the specific terms of the insurance policy and usually will be settled or proceed to arbitration. And, that arbitration process is different from the kind of arbitration that takes place in municipal courts. The claim process involves a private arbitration company and a lawyer will represent the claimant in that arbitration to present their claim to the arbitrators for evaluation and to determine award under the terms of the uninsured motorist policy provision.

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Crash

When someone is involved in a hit and run wreck, they should make sure they and everyone in their vehicle are safe and okay. If there are injuries, they should seek medical care immediately.

The next step is to gather as much information regarding the accident scene as possible. This includes taking photos of the car and the intersection. Also, they should contact the police and provide the officer with as much information as possible about the accident. The person should reach out to a hit and run accident lawyer in Cicero who could help protect their rights under their uninsured motorist policy provision.

Recoverable Damages Following a Hit and Run Wreck

After a hit and run car accident, the injured person could recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical treatment, future medical care, lost wages, future lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages include the loss of a normal life due to the accident. An accomplished lawyer could help an injured individual recover the economic and non-economic damages they deserve following a hit and run car wreck.

A Cicero Hit and Run Accident Attorney Could Help

A Cicero hit and run accident lawyer could help you by preserving the claim, properly presenting it, and creating coverage under the policy. People who are injured and try to handle the claim on their own will often misstep, miss a deadline, and end up with a situation in which the insurance company has a right to deny the claim outright and pay no money. This is especially true in a hit and run car wreck case. Fortunately, an experienced attorney could help you recover the damages that you deserve.