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Cicero Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents, unfortunately, are common in the United States. Millions of Americans get into a car wreck each year, incurring millions of dollars’ worth of expenses. However, if you were recently in a car accident, there is reason to have hope.

A Cicero car accident lawyer could help you work through your legal options and figure out how best to go about receiving compensation for your injuries or property damage. If you are hurt in a car crash that someone else caused, contact an experienced and compassionate personal injury attorney as soon as possible to begin working toward the recovery that suits your needs. En Español.

Statute of Limitations

One important issue in any Cicero car accident case is the statute of limitations. For all personal injury claims in Illinois, there is a two-year statute of limitations, which means that injured parties must bring their claim to the court within two years of the initial accident.

Missing this deadline may mean that an injured person is unable to bring a claim at all, and therefore cannot receive any compensation for their damages. Fortunately, a knowledgeable Cicero car accident attorney could help ensure that all deadlines are met and that injured clients do not lose the right to bring a case to court.

Reporting the Car Accident

There is also a time-frame in which a car accident must be reported to law enforcement in order to have an actionable case. It is mandatory to report any car accident in Cicero that results in more than $1,500 worth of property damage, any kind of injury, or the death of any person. Not only could failing to report the accident in the proper time-frame lead to an accident victim losing out on compensation, it is also against the law and may result in a license suspension for the person who failed to report the accident.

In cases where there was no injury and the only damages that occurred in the accident involved property, it may take one to two weeks to receive the official police accident report. This is a useful tool in court that can lead to more compensation.

Uninsured Drivers

Failing to be properly insured in case of a car accident is illegal in Cicero, and it can lead to a $1,000 fine and a suspended driver’s license. When a driver is at fault for an accident and is not insured, the injured person’s insurance company typically covers the costs of their injury and then sues the at-fault driver directly to recover these damages. Cases involving uninsured motorists are complex, and resulting penalties can be harsh, so in such a scenario it is best to have help from a Cicero car accident attorney who has experience with these matters.

Consult with a Cicero Car Accident Attorney Today

The most important step in bringing a car accident case to court is to contact an experienced Cicero car accident lawyer. They could provide knowledgeable legal counsel, bring in expert witnesses when needed, and compile and preserve evidence. In addition, a seasoned car accident attorney should have more experience in the court system than a layperson and could help clients navigate the court system much more efficiently that they likely could alone.

If you were in a car accident, contact an attorney as soon as you can to begin ensuring that your rights are protected and you can effectively pursue compensation for the damages you sustained. Local lawyers are available now to take your call, so do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call today.