Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work, and thousands of injuries are sustained in this industry every year. Adequate safety measures are essential for the protection of workers throughout their day. Because of the inherent dangers associated with construction sites, it is imperative that workers and employers alike are aware of potential accidents, so they can be more effectively prevented.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites can involve great heights, dangerous tools, and many other precarious situations. Some of the most common accidents on construction sites are:

  • Falls from significant distances
  • Struck by objects
  • Electrical accidents
  • Stuck in between objects

These are just a few ways in which construction workers can be injured on the job. Taking special precautions to avoid these common accidents is pivotal to maintaining safety and productivity in this essential industry. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on a construction site due to the negligence of someone else, including an employer or manufacturer, an experienced personal injury lawyer could help you gain the financial compensation you need to get back on your feet.

Contact a Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In the situation of a construction accident that results in your injury, it could be beneficial to discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney who could help you pursue remunerations to cover the costs of your damages. For more information on construction site accidents or any other type of personal injury, contact the skilled legal team at the Disparti Law Group, by calling our Chicago offices at (813) 932-2942 today.

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