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Defective Motorcycle Accidents in Chicago

If you have a motorcycle, you are fully aware of how fun they can be to ride around Chicago. However, there can be a number of dangers which can cause accidents and serious harm to a rider. But what should you do when your accident is the result of issues with the motorcycle itself? Whether it was a bike wobbling due to high speed or a defect in manufacturing, claims have been filed for these types of issues in past instances. This guide provides details on when a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer can help with potential suits for defective parts plus steps to take after an accident.

How Does A Motorcycle Become Defective?

The first thing to know is what factors count as cause for a defective product claim. In most cases, there are two specific factors. First is determining if the bike itself was manufactured incorrectly. The reasons for a bike being labeled as incorrectly manufactured are many, including if there was an error at the location of where the bike or the specific defective part was made. A mistake could also have taken place during shipping or at the dealership.

Another reason motorcycles become defective is how they are designed. Even though they were manufactured correctly, these bikes are ones that were made with a unreasonably dangerous design which poses a danger to the rider.

When a defective motorcycle or part is found, typically the National Highway Traffic Safety or the manufacturer themselves issue a safety recall. In cases where a recall is announced, the maker of the bike is required to alert the owner and list the steps they should take. In most cases, these steps include a replacement, buying the vehicle back from the owner or repairing the current motorcycle.

The Next Steps After An Accident in Chicago

If you do become involved in an accident, there’s an important set of steps to take before you should contacting a lawyer. These include:

  • Taking notes of the accident: This includes noting everything possible that happened during the accident. Some of the records to list include how the wreck happened, the time it occurred, if any people witnessed the accident and the type of conditions that existed at the time of the collision.
  • List any injuries and losses: If you did suffer an injury as a result of your accident, it’s best to document them with a medical provider as soon as possible. Also, if problems arise after the accident, these should be listed. These include pain, sleep loss and any required medical treatments. In addition, if there is bodily harm, record these using photographs.
  • Make a record of conversations that took place after the accident, being sure to note key details such as the  location, date, time and place of occurrence.
  • Return to where the accident took place: This is usually done to review the area to check for any additional evidence that can support the claim. By doing this, the victim can find details that they missed when the accident took place.
  • Take multiple photographs of the surroundings at different angles, with the best time to do this being at the same day/time as the accident.
  • Search for witnesses to gain additional perspectives on the accident.

How A Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you do end up being involved in a motorcycle accident, knowing the next steps you should take can be a big help with an attorney to get all details before filing a claim. When you need a lawyer specializing in motorcycle accident cases, contact the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers. Our law firm has over 30 years of experience helping of motorcycle accidents with legal representation. To learn more information, call us at 888-617-8462 or visit us