Deciding to undergo surgery is daunting enough without worrying about the possibility of surgical errors. Unfortunately, suffering from errors in surgery is a reality that many Chicago medical patients face. As a patient, you have a right to reasonable safety throughout surgical procedures, and if a practitioner was negligent or reckless, then you may be entitled to financial compensation.

The medical malpractice attorneys at the Disparti Law Group, pursue funds on behalf of clients who have suffered from medical negligence and may be able to help you.

Surgical Errors that Could Affect You

Surgical errors can take many forms and may result in serious harm. Some of the more common mistakes that medical practitioners make in surgery include the following:

  • Leaving surgical instruments inside the body
  • Operating on the wrong site
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Making mistakes with anesthesia
  • Failing to sterilize surgical equipment

These errors are, of course, extremely dangerous and could happen in any Chicago hospital where staff is not diligent and attentive. If you or a loved one has experienced something like this, then a medical malpractice attorney might be able to help.

Contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Chicago

If you have suffered in the wake of a surgery in which an error occurred, then the person responsible for the error may owe you financial compensation. The medical malpractice attorneys at the Disparti Law Group, may be able to help you file a lawsuit against those responsible and win you compensation for your injuries and expenses. Contact our offices in Chicago today by calling today, and learn about your legal options.

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