A lawyer will prepare a traumatic brain injury case by making sure that the injured victim is seeing the right doctors and getting the medical care they need. An attorney will make sure that the case is not settled until the victim’s injuries are resolved, and it has been determined that the injury is not going to cause any future problems.

The attorney will monitor that person’s medical treatment and make sure that they fully understand any lifelong issue that they may have before resolving the case to maximize the value of the case. A seasoned traumatic brain injury lawyer could fight to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve. Call today to learn more about how a Chicago traumatic brain injury attorney could help.

Collecting and Preserving Evidence

One of the many ways that a Chicago traumatic brain injury could help an injured victim is by collecting and preserving essential evidence. Some of the evidence will include medical records and any scans the person has had, such as CTs and MRIs. The attorney will take depositions of doctors that treated the individual. They will also talk to medical professionals to obtain an expert opinion about the person’s injury and condition. The lawyer could also gather evidence related to the accident that led to the traumatic brain injury. For instance, if the injured victim was in a car wreck, the attorney will collect photos, videos, and talk to eyewitnesses.

How a Claimant Can Assist an Attorney

A claimant could help an attorney who is handling their case by keeping the lawyer informed of any and all medical treatments that they received. If they have any visible injury, it is important to take photos of that injury. If they have lacerations to the head or they required stitches or their head is swollen, a lawyer would want photographic evidence. An injured person could also help their case by sticking with their plan of treatment and following the doctor’s orders.

A claimant can also help their case by not giving any recorded statements to the insurance companies. The insurance company will be looking for any way they could limit the claimant’s case value. They should not talk about the accident to anyone other than their attorney.

Initial Consultation with a Lawyer

When someone has sustained a traumatic brain injury, the lawyer will try to determine the nature and extent of the injury and how the accident occurred so that they can assess the situation and determine liability. Liability and the extent of the injuries are the two key elements to recovering damages.

It is crucial that an injured victim reaches out to a lawyer as soon as possible following the accident. The attorney wants to make sure the individual is receiving the medical treatment that they need. The lawyer also wants to collect all the necessary evidence. If a lawyer is not retained quickly, the evidence can disappear.

Assessing Damages Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Another one of the benefits of obtaining an attorney is that they could calculate damages and help the injured victim recover the damages they deserve. The most common types of damages associated with traumatic brain injury cases include medical bills, future medical expenses, lost wages, future lost wages, loss of a normal life, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. If an injured victim is no longer able to return to work in the same capacity, that will be taken into account when calculating damages.

For more information about how a Chicago traumatic brain injury attorney could help, reach out to an accomplished lawyer today.

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