An anoxic brain injury is when there is a lack of oxygen to the brain. This type of traumatic brain injury is much different than many others that are caused by an impact to the head. Often a person who suffers an anoxic brain injury is accompanied by a spinal cord injury in which the person is unable to breathe for a period of time.

If you or a loved one suffered an anoxic brain injury due to the negligence of another party, you might be entitled to compensation. Call a Chicago anoxic brain injury lawyer today. An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney could help you recover damages.

Common Causes of Anoxic Brain Injuries

There are many ways that an anoxic brain injury could happen. An anoxic brain injury could occur in a car wreck if the injured victim’s neck staps. Also, a person could sustain an anoxic brain injury in a water-related accident. It may be due to the person almost drowning or diving into shallow water and sustaining a neck or back injury that prevents the person from breathing.

An anoxic brain injury could also happen due to:

  • Suffocation
  • Strangulation
  • Carbon monoxide inhalation
  • Smoke inhalation

Proving Negligence in an Anoxic Brain Injury Case

T0 recover damages, the claimant must be able to prove negligence. Fortunately, a seasoned anoxic brain injury lawyer in Chicago could help with establishing liability. The attorney must prove the causation of the anoxic brain injury and why the at-fault party is responsible for the claimant’s injuries. Permanency will likely need to be established as far as the lack of oxygen, meaning it caused the brain tissue to suffer, die, or change in some way, and that in this person’s case is likely permanent.

When building a case, a lawyer will want to gather and preserve all evidence. Also, they want to talk to doctors and collect medical records.

Contact a Chicago Anoxic Brain Injury Attorney

It is crucial for an attorney to be familiar with the anoxic brain injuries and their impact so that they could accurately asses the value of a victim’s case. For example, if someone has a mild closed head injury, like a concussion, they make a full recovery, and they do not seem to have any permanency, that case is valued differently than a more significant brain injury that could result in speech impediment, mood changes, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, and changes in taste as a palate for food. There are a variety of issues that brain injuries could cause, and if they are more severe or permanent in nature that case needs to have a more significant case value. If the case is in litigation and they are retaining medical experts, the attorney would need to make sure to have the right expert retained and working on the case.

If you or a loved one suffered an anoxic brain injury, you should reach out to a well-versed legal professional today. Let a Chicago anoxic brain injury lawyer fight for your right to compensation.

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