Unfortunately, various types of accidents can cause broken bone injuries to victims. People involved in car accidents, construction accidents, premises accidents, and medical malpractice accidents can often sustain a broken bone injury. In addition to the medical expenses related to broken bones, some injuries are capable of rendering victims unable to perform their work duties, which can end up causing additional financial complications.

In the event that you have sustained a broken bone in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you could be eligible to receive compensation. The Chicago catastrophic injury attorneys at the Disparti Law Group, understand the various challenges that injury victims face, and we use our extensive legal experience to the benefit of our clients.

Costs of Broken Bones

Though expenses related to broken bones can be costly, an experienced personal injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation if another person is responsible for your injuries. Some of these expenses could include:

  • Emergency transport to hospital
  • X-ray and CT-Scan costs
  • Surgery / corrective procedures
  • Physical therapy

If your broken bone injury was caused by someone else, you shouldn’t take on the financial burden of medical treatments. A lawyer may be able to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Contact a Broken Bones Lawyer in Chicago

Often, the mental and financial stress caused by an injury can be mitigated by the legal guidance of a personal injury lawyer. If you have suffered from a broken bone injury in Chicago, the lawyers at the Disparti Law Group, are ready to discuss legal options and strategies with you. Call our offices today to consult with a member of our team about your case.

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